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1stVision is focused on providing solutions for factory automation, medical imaging, scientific and other machine vision applications. Our machine vision lens products include a wide range of megapixel, high resolution, fixed and varifocal, manual and motorized zoom lenses from the top lens manufacturers in the industry.

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1stVision lenses
The 1stVision lens products include high resolution fixed focal lenses.

Kowa lenses
Kowa manufactures a wide variety of high quality, economically priced lenses that are well suited for factory automation and other machine vision applications. Their lens product line includes very high resolution lenses, megapixel lenses, fixed focal and varifocal lenses.

Fujinon lenses
Fujinon manufactures compact, lightweight, high-resolution, low-distortion, C mount lenses for machine vision and factory automation. Some models feature coverage of 6 to 75 mm for cameras of up to 1.5 megapixels, and 185-degree omnidirectional fish-eye lenses for cameras up to 5 megapixels.

CBC/Computar lenses
CBC / Computar manufactures a wide variety of fixed focal and varifocal lenses, C mount and CS mount lenses, manual and motorized zoom lenses.

Pentax lenses
The Pentax lens product line includes fixed focal, machine vision lenses for medical, scientific and other industrial automation applications.

Tamron lenses
Tamron high resolution lenses are ideally suited for factory automation and machine vision applications. The solid lens mechanisms are built to endure the vibration of factory automation even after long periods of use. The megapixel lens provides ultra low distortion, and high close-up capability without sacrificing image quality.

Navitar lenses
Moritex manufacturers lenses in several categories ranging from CCTV and Telecentric to line scan lenses. These lenses ensure accurate imaging performance for machine vision system used in assembly and inspection processes in manufacturing.

Please email us for product information.

Navitar lenses
Navitar's optical manufactures industrial lens solutions for machine vision applications including automation, assembly, medical imaging, scientific and engineering applications.

Please email us for product information.

Schneider Optics lenses and lens systems
Schneider Optics manufactures high resolution lenses for a wide variety of industrial and scientific applications including machine vision and robotics, medical imaging, and automation.

Their lens product line includes fixed focal and varifocal lenses with manual or motorized control, C mount, and compact C mount lenses with high vibration stability for factory environments.

Schneider also produces lens systems created for your specific application requirements. Please email us to discuss the specifics your application.