Navitar lenses for high precision, high-speed, hyperspectral imaging

Navitar high magnification zoom lenses provide magnification powers of traditional microscopes without the bulk or expense. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) looking for highly repeatable and automated precision optics can easily integrate, assemble and configure Navitar camera lenses into their instruments achieving smaller footprints and lower prices than older equipment. Motorization is available, providing maximum resolution and magnification. Fixed focal length lenses incorporate advanced technologies in compact packages to deliver ultra-high optical quality even in close-focusing distances, providing ideal solutions in a wide range of image processing applications.

Navitar High Mag Lenses - Zoom 6000/12X Zoom High Mag Lenses - Zoom 6000/12X Zoom
  • C-mount or F-mount with support for 1/2 through 1.1" formats
  • Dynamic magnification range of 0.09-394x
  • 0.01-183 mm field coverage
  • Working distance starting at 13mm
Navitar Resolv4K® Zoom and Fixed Systems Resolv4K® Zoom and Fixed Systems
  • C-mount, F-mount, or M42 with support for 1/2 through APS formats
  • Both fixed and zoom lens configurations from 0.25-20x
  • 400-600% larger field of view compared to traditional zoom lenses
  • Wide fields of view with no sacrifice in MTF/illumination
Navitar High Speed 1" Lenses for Low-Light Imaging High Speed 1" Lenses for Low-Light Imaging
  • C-mount, 1" format lenses
  • 17, 25 and 50 mm focal lengths
  • For low light applications
  • Ideal for chemiluminescence, digital x-ray, motion analysis, gel documentation, crystallography, fluorescence imaging, holographic imaging
Navitar SWIR / Hyperspectral Lenses SWIR / Hyperspectral Lenses
  • C-mount, 1" format lenses
  • 8, 12.5, 16, 25, 35 and 50mm focal lengths
  • Hyperspectral lenses for SWIR (short wave infrared) cameras
  • 700 nm - 1900 nm wavelength at 75% or better transmittance