Focal Length/FOV Lens Calculator

This focal length to FOV lens calculator is a first order calculator and is very useful for most machine vision applications*.

NOTE: WD and FOV must be in the same units (e.g. in, ft, etc.).

WD - Working Distance - distance from the front of the lens
FOV - Field of View, width of picture FL - focal length of the lens.

*If your magnification is outside of 0.1 to 10, or ratio of WD/FOV is very high or low (0.05 to 20), or your FOV/Sensor size is very high or low, or you have a very short WD (less than 100mm), or have any questions, contact us first!

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Focal Length/FOV Calculator by Sensor Size

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Focal Length/FOV Calculator by Pixels

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NOTE: 1stVision is not responsible for errors in calculations. Please check your work.

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