Opto Imaging Modules with Integrated Camera, Optics,
Brightfield/darkfield Illumination, and USB3.0 Control Interface

Opto Imaging Modules with Integrated Camera and optics, USB 3.0 interface

Opto Imaging Modules are a family of integrated, “plug-n-play” imaging subsystems featuring optimized integration of a choice of 1.6MP/3.1MP/5.0MP camera, precision optics, brightfield/darkfield illumination, and single cable USB3.0 control interface providing perfect images right out of the box for a wide range of imaging and metrology applications. Opto Imaging Modules provide an unprecedented level of intelligence, ease-of-use, along with professional imaging performance for any production or lab environment. Most common applications for Opto Imaging Modules include metrology, test & measurement machines, roundness analysis, scientific & bioimaging instruments. All Opto Imaging Modules come with their own SDK and image acquisition GUI software packages allowing for quick and easy integration into any environment.

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