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Schneider Optics PYRITE LF Focus Tunable Liquid Lenses
Schneider Optics PYRITE 4.0/80 C-LF 80mm lens

The Schneider Optics PYRITE 4.0/80 C-LF lens is a focus tunable liquid lens. The lens features 80 mm focal length, 24mm sensor size with a C-mount. The lens dimensions are 96mm length x 47mm width (plus 23mm connector of liquid lens).

Schneider Optics PYRITE LF focus tunable liquid lenses are a combination of a Schneider Optics lens and an Optotune Focus Tunable Lens EL-16-40-TC. A 5mm or 8mm extension tube enables a wide range of working distances so the liquid lens can be operated in its optimal range. These industrial lenses are excellent for many industrial and machine vision applications such as barcode reading, quality control, package sorting and logistics. PYRITE LF lenses are available with a C-Mount or TFL-Mount.

Schneider Optics PYRITE 4.0/80 C-LF lens

Manufacturer: Schneider Optics
Manufacturer PN: PYRITE 4.0/80 C-LF
Focal Length: 80mm
Quality: -
Sensor Size: 24mm
Lens Mount: C
F Stop: 4-32
M.O.D. (m): .49
Dimension (L x W): 96x47
Iris type: Smooth
Filter size: M37x0.75
Distortion: call
Resolution: call