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Industrial 3D Cameras

1stVision is your one-stop provider for 3D time of flight (ToF) and 3D laser profiler cameras from some of the best camera manufacturers such as Teledyne DALSA, Lucid Vision Labs, and Automation Technology. Whether your application calls for µm-level precision measurements in Z, or highly reliable depth measurement and sensing from various working distances, 1stVision offers the most complete range of industrial 3D imaging cameras for accurate depth measurement in a wide range of scientific measurement, industrial robotics, and general-purpose 3D imaging applications.

Lucid Vision Labs Time of Flight (TOF) 3D camera with a 3D image
Lucid Vision Labs TOF 3D Cameras
  • Fully integrated Time of Flight (ToF) 3D imaging camera
  • 640x480 Sony IMX556PLR DepthSenseTM sensor
  • Outputs point clouds at 30fps
  • 69⁰ x 51⁰ field of view
  • 0.3 to 8.3m working distance range
  • Sub-mm (< 1mm) measurement precision
Teledyne Dalsa 3D Z-Trak/Z-Trak2 Laser Profilers
Teledyne DALSA 3D Laser Profilers
  • Fully integrated 3D laser triangulation profiler
  • Robust, FIR-Peak detector algorithm
  • Factory calibrated for accurate real-time measurements
  • IP67 enclosure for harsh operating conditions
  • Up to 45k profiles/sec
  • High performance, high speed 3D sensors for in-depth analysis and inspection
Automation Technology Compact 3D Sensor
Automation Technology 3D Sensor Laser Profilers
  • Vision Sensors: 3D sensor laser profilers
  • Modular compact 3D sensors can be configured for your specific application
  • Advanced 3D technology (HDR-3D)
  • GeniCam 3.0: support of latest 3D standards ||| Dual-head sensors available