Uncooled LWIR Thermal Cameras

LWIR (uncooled Long Wave Infrared ) cameras, based on microbolometer focal plane arrays, convert infrared energy into an electronic signal that is processed to produce thermal images. LWIR cameras are able to detect features of objects that are not visible with standard cameras. They are suitable for a wide range of thermal imaging applications including:

  • Medical imaging (inflammation, cancer and other disease detection)
  • Surveillance, Defense & Security (Identify heat sources - humans)
  • Fever screening
  • Inline thermal process monitoring for quality assurance
  • Thermal process monitoring during manufacturing
  • Unmanned airborne and ground vehicles for object avoidance and detection of wildlife

1stVisions’s selection of LWIR cameras includes the Teledyne Dalsa Calibir Uncooled LWIR Thermal cameras, and Automation Technology IRSX-I IR Smart Infrared cameras. Both vendors LWIR cameras provide outstanding LWIR temperature measurement, support the GigE Vision / GenICam standard, and operate in an extended temperature range.

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Teledyne Dalsa Calibir LWIR camera
Teledyne Dalsa Calibir LWIR Cameras
  • Radiometric temperature measurement from -25° C to +125° C
  • 6 to 90 degree FOV
  • Uncooled and shutterless for lowest cost LWIR imaging
  • Highly compact 29 x 29 x 29mm

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Automation Technology IRSX-I Infrared Smart camera - thermal camera
IRSX-I Series IR Smart Infrared Cameras
  • All-in-one solution for thermal machine vision
  • User-friendly web interface for configuration and visualization
  • Thermal measurement range -10°C to +550°C
  • Easy setup and integration with no need for programming skills