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About 1stVision Inc.

We focus on delivering products with great pricing and fast delivery, and we consistently strive to provide you with the most technically effective solutions to your imaging projects. We back those solutions with the best engineering support in the industry. Unlike most distributors, when we discuss and analyze your machine vision requirements, we ensure that the product solution that we propose will meet or exceed your expectations. With over 150 years of collective experience in machine vision products and technology, many thousands of our clients have come to rely on 1stVision to deliver highly reliable imaging solutions the first time, without compromise.

Specializing in machine vision and automated imaging applications, 1stVision offers extensive expertise to solve your most challenging automated vision applications. Our machine vision products include lenses, cameras, lighting, frame grabbers, systems, and software to help you save time and money during your application development process.

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Why contact 1stVision? Because

  • We are focused solely on machine vision and automated imaging
  • We offer cost-effective solutions with outstanding technical support
  • We provide great pricing and delivery from stock on most items
  • We offer products that offer the best price/performance in the industry
  • We convey expert advice on:
    • Cameras
    • Lighting
    • Optics
    • Frame grabbers
    • Systems
    • Software 

We have offices throughout the US and Canada supporting all of North America.