Schneider Optics ZIRCONIA Line Scan Lenses
Schneider Optics ZIRCONIA XL 0.10/2.0x V48 92mm lens

The Schneider Optics ZIRCONIA XL 0.10/2.0x V48 lens is a high resolution line scan lens that is designed for 12k / 5 µm and 16k / 5 µm line scan sensors line scan sensors. It can also be used with area scan sensors. The lens is optimized for a specific magnification of 2.0x It has a M46x0.75 filter thread, and a .1 meter minimum object distance.

Schneider Optics ZIRCONIA line scan lenses are a cost-effective lens designed for 12k / 5 µm and 16k / 5 µm (ZIRCONIA XL) line scan sensors. They are available in 6 magnifications ranging from 0.1x-2.0x. ZIRCONIA lenses are also an excellent lens for area sensors with up to a 82mm diagonal. The universal V48-mount makes it easy to adjust the lens for the best azimuth marking. ZIRCONIA lenses are ideal for industrial area and line scan applications including defect detection, automated optical inspection, PCB inspection, FPD inspection.

Schneider Optics ZIRCONIA XL 0.10/2.0x V48 lens
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Manufacturer: Schneider Optics
Manufacturer PN: ZIRCONIA XL 0.10/2.0x V48
Focal Length: 92mm
Quality: -
Sensor Size: 82.5mm
Lens Mount: V48
F Stop: 3.2
M.O.D. (m): .1
Dimensions (LxW mm): 63.7x55
Iris type: Smooth
Filter size: M46x0.75
Distortion: call
Resolution: call


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