SVS-Vistek High Resolution / High Speed Cameras

SVS-VISTEK cameras are high performance cameras with high speed interfaces that include Camera link, and CoaXPress, GigE, and USB3. They are built with high quality CMOS sensors from Sony, ON Semi, Canon, and Gpixel. SVS-Vistek cameras include color or monochrome cameras with resolutions from 0.3 to 151 megapixels. Select high speed cameras feature direct drive, control of LED illumination and high performance temperature management

SVS-VISTEK cameras families include high resolution cameras, super high resolution cameras, and SWIR, UV, and Polarized cameras.

SVS-Vistek HR Series High Resolution cameras HR Series High Resolution cameras
  • Sony, ON Semi, Gpixel, Canon sensors
  • High resolutions from 16.7 to 122 megapixels
  • Camera Link, CoaXPress, or 10GigE interface
  • Monochrome or color
SVS-Vistek SHR (Super High Resolution) cameras SHR (Super High Resolution) cameras
  • High resolution cameras - 101.8 to 151 MP
  • Sony CMOS rolling shutter sensors
  • M72 lens mount
  • 10GigE or CoaXPress interface
SVS-Vistek SWIR, UV and Polarized Cameras SWIR, UV and Polarized Cameras
  • SWIR cameras with wavelengths up to 1.700 nm
  • UV cameras with ultraviolet sensitivity in the 200 - 400 nm range
  • Polarization cameras that measure polarization degree and angle
  • Polarization cameras filter reduces reflections and glare

SVS-Vistek Camera

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