Moritex ML-FF Series Large Format Line Scan Lenses
Moritex ML-10040-82M39 3 Megapixel 100mm lens

With support for 35mm to 82mm wide line scan sensors, the Moritex ML-FF Line Scan series offer M42/M58/M72/M90/M95-Mount adapters via ML-TUBE, fixed focal length lens series provide excellent image sharpness, low distortion, Vis or Vis/NIR AR coating for high performance line scan imaging applications. All lenses have filter threads and screw locking aperture and focus rings. The ML-10040-62M35 100mm x0.4 magnification lens for up to 82mm format sensors with 130lp/mm resolving power for 4.5µm pixel size
Moritex ML-10040-82M39 lens
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Manufacturer: Moritex
Manufacturer PN: ML-10040-82M39
Focal Length: 100mm
Quality: 3MP
Sensor Size: 82mm
Lens Mount: M39
F Stop: 4.0
M.O.D. (m): .3
Dimensions (LxW mm): 55x60
Weight (grams): 230
Iris type: Smooth
Filter size: M40.5x0.5
Distortion: call
Resolution: call