Allied Vision Manta G-040 & G-158 provide great replacements to legacy CCD cameras

Allied Vision is Allied vision industrial cameraexpanding  its line of Manta machine vision cameras, releasing the Manta G-158 and Manta G-040 GigE Vision cameras.  Featuring the second generation Pregius CMOS image sensors from Sony.  These are great replacements for Legacy Sony ICX424 and Sony ICX445 image sensors found in the Manta G-032 and Manta G-125 cameras.

The G-158 camera features the 1.58 megapixel Sony IMX273 image sensor, which has a 3.45 µm pixel size and achieves a frame rate of 75.3 fps. The Manta G-040 camera features the 0.4 megapixel Sony IMX287 image sensor, which has a 6.9 µm pixel size and achieves a frame rate of 286 fps. Higher frame rates can be achieved on both models in burst mode.

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Allied Vision Manta Specifications and comparisons to older Sony CCD sensors as follows:






Allied Vision Manta features include:

  • Power over Ethernet options (PoE) with Trigger over Ethernet for single cable solutions
  • Angled Head and Board level variations allowing for custom OEM designs
  • Video-Iris lens control for challenging lighting conditions
  • Three look up tables (LUT)
  • Gige Vision compliant with support for popular third party image processing library’s including Cognex VisionPro, Mathworks, MATLAB and National Instruments

To Learn More about the Allied Vision Manta cameras

View more information on the G-158.
View more information on the G-040.

UPDATE:  See this new video from Allied Vision (6/19/18)

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