Allied Vision G-130 TEC1 SWIR Camera

1stVision is pleased to announce that we can obtain Allied Vision’s new G-130 TEC1 SWIR camera for our customers. Utilizing Sony’s innovative IMX990 sensor, based on their SenSWIR technology, the camera is responsive in both the visible as well as the short-wave infrared range, spanning from 400 – 1700nm.

AVT G-130 TEC1 SWIR camera

While there are a number of cameras that cover short-wave infrared (SWIR) alone, from 900 – 1700nm, this sensor’s responsivity down to 400nm in the visible range opens up applications possibilities not previously possible with a single sensor camera.

Besides the wide spectral range, the sensor uses small 5µm pixels, with high quantum efficiency, offering precise detection of details.

The Goldeye 130 with IMX990 1.3MP SXGA sensor can deliver 110fps with Camera Link interface, or 94fps with GigEVision interface. The camera is fan-less, using thermoelectric sensor cooling (TEC1), yielding a robust and compact design.

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Everything you need to know about 10GigE Vision cameras! – White Paper

10 GigE Vision compliant cameras are easy to integrate enabling more machine vision applications and image processing. Camera image sensors have continued to increase in resolution which requires higher bandwidth interfaces to achieve high frame rates. 10 GigE cameras are a great solution as implementation is less costly and complex versus camera link and CoaxPress.

Baumer has a comprehensive white paper outlining application benefits for 10GigE Vision and gives recommendations on system architecture – Downloaded HERE

Aside from the features of 10GiGE Vision, the Baumer VLXT series cameras are extremely feature rich and cost competitive making them an excellent choice for 10GigE Vision cameras.

11 Key Features are listed below with many being unique, solving more vision applications in 10 GigE Vision cameras

1 – True 10GigE bandwidth! –
2 – Liquid lens & Canon EF mount control
3 – Exposure times down to 1uS with Sony Sensors
4 – Power outputs (4x) for direct driving LED lights eliminating a lighting controller.
5 – IP67 Ratings and extended temperatures for harsh environments
6 – IEEE 1588 Precision Timing protocols for synchronized timing with multiple devices.
7 – Long cable lengths up to 55 meters (Cat 6) and 70+ meters with Cat 6a / 7 and longer with optional fiber optic interface.
8 – Standard low cost 10GigE NIC’s can be used opposed to some manufacturers requiring special NICs
9 – Fully GigE Vision compliant for easy implementation with the benefits of high bandwidths. Allows support of third party software libraries.
10 – RS232 support
11 – On board JPEG compression available

Full specifications on the Baumer VLXT cameras which range from 3 megapixels to 12 megepixels can be found HERE

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What Is Offered in an Industrial PC Machine Vision Computer?

Neousys embedded computer

Neousys Industrial computerMachine Vision applications required some essentials components and functions.   These components will always have a machine vision camera, and typically need lighting with some  input and output (I/O) functions to synchronize events in addition to lenses and other accessories.

Industrial PC machine vision computers are also needed to  run PC based machine vision software and provide communications between the camera and software.  These computers need to be suited for various environments which may be dusty, as in a casting foundry, to full clean rooms in electronics manufacturing. Ideally the computers should help in the overall integration of machine vision applications.

“Machine Vision Computers” are designed specifically for these applications and provide a robust solution!  

Introducing Neousys  who is a leader in machine vision computing, designed their computer from the ground up for machine vision.   This blog post addresses the specific features that are offered and what problems it solves.

What’s really offered in a “Machine Vision” computer?    Key features are outlined as follows

Fan-less computer designs:  In cases where dust is prevalent, normal computers have fans which brings in dust, clogging fans and creating the system to heat up. Neousys has a fan-less design with efficient heat dissipation allowing for high temperatures from -25 to 70 Deg. C.

Neousys heat efficient design
Efficient Heat dissipation design, providing a higher temperature range than the competition.

Unlike other industrial computer suppliers, Neousys platforms begin with a single board computer laying out all heat generating components evenly, optimizing the thermal design.  In turn, at 100% CPU loading, AND at the ends of the specified temperature ranges, there is no performance degradation.

Neousys hot components
Designed for thermal management, all of the hot components are interfaced directly with the heat sink with carefully selected thermal interface material.

Modular Mezzio cassette design:  Application requirements differ from needing multiple communication ports to synchronization of events via inputs and outputs.  Neousys provides easy to configure, exchangeable modules to unlock the limits and provide feature expansion.  MezIO modules can be added for Power over Ethernet (up to 8+ ports ), USB ports, COM ports (RS232/422/485), Digital IO including encoder inputs or even customized features.   All this done with a focus on thermal management.Neousys Mezzanine design

Integrated Controls:  To ensure high quality images, a machine vision system requires accurate interaction between lighting, camera, actuator and sensor devices.   Neousys integrates LED lighting controller, camera trigger, encoder input, PWM output and digital I/O, to connect and control all the vision devices. All the vision-specific I/O are managed by Neousys’ patented MCU-based architecture and DTIO/NuMCU firmware to guarantee microsecond-scale real-time I/O control.Neousys embedded computer

Multiple processors architecture:  High performance is needed to ensure factory up-time.  Neousys provides multiple processors in one computer, such  as the CPU, MCU, and GPU (e.g. Nuvis-5306RT, Nuvo-5000E with GPU cassette).  Fully customization with specific processors, GPU’s, Memory,  Drives (SSD / HDD) are available.

Small form factors:  Space is always a constraint to keep products and factory footprints to a minimum.   Starting at 4″ x 6″ x 2″, Neousys has machine vision computer offerings to streamline any design.

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