What is a “TECless” SWIR camera? Learn more about Allied Vision’s highly cost-effective SWIR camera models

SWIR camera

Allied Vision Goldeye SWIR cameraShort Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) imaging is now more economical with the introduction of Allied Vision’s TECless Goldeye cameras.  SWIR cameras open up numerous application possibilities for machine vision solutions, since they are able to detect defects that are not visible to the naked eye.

SWIR cameras have an InGaAs (Indium Gallium Arsenide) sensor that detects wavelengths between 900nm and 1,700nm.  These wavelengths are invisible to the human eye and CCD / CMOS cameras, however SWIR cameras detect the invisible wavelength found in various applications.  For example water accumulations inside fruits or defects within silicon products.

SWIR - light emmission at 1150nm
Light emitted by silicon in solar cells peak at 1150nm

Learn more about applications solved with SWIR cameras HERE. 

SWIR cameras typically require Thermal Electric Coolers (TEC’s) which enable low-noise imaging in the spectral range of 900mm to 1,700nm.  Additionally, the TEC’s compensate for high temperature fluctuations and stabilizes the image sensor.
For temperature stable environments, Allied Vision now has a “TECless” InGaAs camera providing a lower entry price point, in turn an excellent price-performance ratio.
The Goldeye G-033 and CL-033 TECless InGaAs cameras are the solution to applications unachievable with standard cameras offering the following features
  • SWIR imaging from 900nm to 1700nm
  • High frame rates of 301 fps with VGA resolution
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Compact design with no fan
  • Lower cost vs TEC versions
  • GigE and Camera link interfaces.

Click below for the full specifications on the Goldeye  TECless cameras and click “Get Quote” for pricing

GigE – Goldeye G-008 TECless
Camera link – Goldeye CL-008

Need to see it for yourself?  1stVision can provide a demo Goldeye camera to test on your application.  Submit your request for a demo camera by entering “Send me a demo SWIR camera” in the comment box.

Download the comprehensive SWIR application white paper here.  

1st Vision’s sales engineers have over 100 years of combined experience to assist in your camera selection.  With a large portfolio of lenses, cables, NIC card and industrial computers, we can provide a full vision solution!

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How to select the best SWIR camera for my application and understand applications it can solve.

Download the comprehensive SWIR application white paper.

How to select the best SWIR camera for my application and understand applications it can solve.

Allied Vision has built up a strong portfolio of Short Wave Infra-Red cameras including new low cost models.  With 7 models to choose from, it can be difficult to understand which model is best for a given application.

1stVision has made it a bit easier by breaking down the problem by reviewing several considerations which are identified below.  

If you are unsure what a SWIR camera can do for you, read this previous blog.  

The following considerations will help identify the models available

Resolution:  The first consideration is resolution which is available in VGA (640 x 480) or QVGA (320 x 256).  QVGA is only available in the low cost G-008 model and provides the highest frame rates.  

Pixel Pitch:  If attributes such as dynamic range, signal to noise ratios (SNR) and saturation capacity are main factors, larger pixels are better.  The G-008 with 30um pixels provide the highest values in these attributes.  Read our previous blog to learn more about these attributes

Cooling:  Cooled models employ an additional Thermal Electric Cooler (TEC) and fan which substantially reduces the the dark current and increases overall signal to noise ratios. If this is a factor, then the G-032 TEC2 Cool model is a good choice.  The chart below provides the thermal constant of the camera noted as DeltaTmax.  This is the temperature difference from the case to the sensor. In turn, any additional heat sinking will further reduce the temperature of the internal sensor and noise.    

Frame Rate:  Rates up to 344 fps can be achieved with the G/CL-008 QVGA model.  The faster G/CL-033 will still achieve 301 fps with VGA resolution, but at a higher price.  At a minimum, we can still achieve 100 fps with VGA in the G-032 models.  (refer to chart below) For the highest frame rates, use the G/CL-033 in QVGA modes which will provide close to 1000 fps!  

Model comparisons by a glance



Interface:  GigE Vision along with Camera Link interfaces are available, however the TEC2 cool version is only available in GigE.  Camera link should be used if you need to be deterministic or if the full frame rate is needed at higher bit depths.    

GoldEye G-033 – GigE

The charts to the left indicate the achievable frame rates in 8, 12 and 14 bit modes using either GigE or camera link interfaces.

Goldeye CL-033  – Camera Link

As camera link provides a higher bandwidth, the full frame rate can be achieved in 12 bit mode versus a reduced rate using a GigE interface.

Sensitivity: The sensitivity chart below provides a good comparison between various models with the -033 model having the highest sensitivity. This is being driven by the image sensor in which the G/CL-033 has the highest quantum efficiency.    

Cost:  The -008 model is the most economical by a substantial amount providing an excellent entry point for SWIR camera vs G/CL-032 and G-CL-033 models.  The G/CL-033 is slightly less than G/CL-032 models in general. Contact us for pricing

Please do not hesitate to Contact us to discuss your SWIR applications.   1st Vision can provide a complete solution including cameras, lenses, lighting and cables.  We have over 100 years of combined experience we can put to work for you!

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What can the new low cost AVT GoldEye Short Wave Infrared ( SWIR ) camera do for you?


Allied Vision Goldeye cameras with InGaAs sensor technology enables you to see further into the infrared spectral range than classic CCD / CMOS cameras.  Due to the cameras high sensitivity in the Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) range of 900-1700 nm, new applications become possible.

What applications can be solved with SWIR?

SWIR cameras help provide contrast and emphasize features in various applications due to the nature of the wavelengths.  Applications ranging from agricultural (food), textile, semiconductor and surveillance, allows the ability to see through materials that are opaque to the eye with SWIR.

Several models are available to help solve these applications.   

Goldeye cameras are now available with Camera link interfaces in addition to GigE and are low cost!    Contact us for a quote!

The following are a few examples of Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR ) applications:

Solar Cell Inspection

Light emitted by silicon in solar cells peak at 1150nm and are impossible to detect using normal CCD/CMOS cameras.  

Using SWIR cameras, luminescent imaging helps identify non uniformities at 1150nm  

Semiconductor Inspection 

At wavelengths above 1100 nm silicon becomes transparent.

In turn, SWIR cameras are perfect for analyzing metallization and electrical contact errors on the backside of wafers.  

Courtesy of NASA

Surveillance Applications

SWIR cameras minimize fog and smoke in surveillance applications allowing scenes not present in the visible realm to be seen.  

Other applications include:  Airborne Remote sensing (UAV’s), Food inspection, Moisture Detection, Glass production, Recycling, Scientific & Medical Hyper-spectral imaging, Vision Enhancement and more..    


Goldeye Short Wave InfraRed cameras now available with Camera LInk and GigE

Allied Vision has now released the new low cost Goldeye G-008 camera in Camera Link creating a comprehensive family of SWIR cameras. 

Models now available include the following: 

Camera Highlights

  • High frame rates at multiple resolutions

  • Camera link or GigE Vision Interface
  • Comprehensive I/O Control options
  • Automated on board image correction
  • Stabilized sensor cooling, no fan
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • ROI Setting for frame rate and data rate control
  • High analog gain mode to increase sensitivity

Data sheets and additional information for all SWIR camera’s can be found HERE. 

UPDATE:  Allied Vision has provide a video detailing SWIR Technology.  
Watch the video below

Curious on what a SWIR camera can do for you?  Contact us to discuss your application and discuss a possible demo!   We can test your application in our lab!

1st Vision has extensive knowledge in industrial imaging and can help answer any questions.  We have over 100 years of combined knowledge and look forward to discussing your application.  

Please do not hesitate to Contact us!  1st Vision can provide a complete solution including cameras, lenses, lighting and cables.  

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Advanced Infrared Camera for Affordable Price

Allied Vision lowers entry barrier into short wave infrared image processing. The new Goldeye G-008 SWIR camera suits high requirements and small budgets.

Allied Vision has released a new entry-level Goldeye model for the short wave infrared spectrum (SWIR).  Packed with all the features and benefits of the current Goldeye camera family, the new model for SWIR applications is equipped with a smaller resolution sensor. As a result, the price for the camera could be significantly reduced so that infrared imaging becomes affordable for many cost-sensitive applications in which the lower resolution is enough to do the job.

Small sensor for a small price
The Goldeye G-008 SWIR is fitted with a QVGA InGaAs sensor (320 x 256 pixels, 30 µm pixel size) making it sensitive in the short wave infrared spectrum ranging from 900 to 1,700 nm.  Many cost-sensitive applications can benefit from the excellent price to performance ratio, for example hyperspectral imaging applications such as plastics sorting for recycling purpose or environmental analysis, high-temperature thermography in the steel and glass industries or laser beam profiling.

High image quality and ultra-high dynamic
Users of the Goldeye G-008 SWIR won’t have to trade off quality or speed for the low price. The new model has all the qualities of the popular Goldeye family. With frame rates up to 344 fps at full resolution, versatile application fields can be addressed and processes can be sped up strongly. Thanks to its ultra-high intra-scene dynamic range of 75 dB, the camera is ideally suitable for applications requiring to capture simultaneously bright and dark portions of a scene, such as outdoor and surveillance imaging at night or specific industrial applications like laser welding.

The camera’s industrial-grade housing is extremely robust and compact (55mm x 55 mm x 78 mm) to fit into the smallest machines. Various mounting possibilities, extensive I/O functionalities and a large choice of lens mount options ensure an even easier integration.

The Goldeye G-008 SWIR relies on the GigE Vision industrial standard as an interface. Thanks to its GenICam compatibility, the camera can easily be used with the most popular image processing libraries. With Allied Vision’s powerful software development kit Vimba, which is available free of charge to Allied Vision customers, users can program their application across various platforms (Windows, Linux, etc.).

The Goldeye G-008 SWIR also features all image correction and optimization functionalities of the Goldeye family such as advanced image correction algorithms and fan-less sensor cooling using a thermoelectric module (TEC 1) for low-noise images.

For full specifications on the G-008, click HERE.

What can SWIR camera technology do for you?  Learn more in this white paper!

Contact us for a quote and to discuss your application!  1st Vision can provide a complete solution including lenses, cables and lighting.  

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