45 Megapixel Computar MPT lens series

The Computar MPT Series is a compact 45MP, 1.4″ C-Mount Lens Series engineered to optimize the capabilities of the latest industrial CMOS sensors. The 1.4″ Ultra-high resolution Machine Vision Lenses are ultra-low distortion in a compact design available in fixed focal lengths: 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm. C-Mount for large format sensor.

Computar MPT 45MP C-Mount series

Designed for up to 1.4″ sensors with densely-packed pixels, as compact C-Mount lenses one achieves a more compact overall design, and lower optics costs than with a large-format lens, at the same time getting high performance. High-level aberration correction and centering/alignment technology deliver an extraordinary performance from the image center to the corner with tiny pixels.

Since the lenses may also be used with popular 1.2″ sensors, one achieves impressive Modular Transfer Function (MTF) outcomes in such a configuration.

Screenshot from video below highlights MTF performance across working distances

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The Computar MPT series lenses deliver superior performance at any working distance, thanks to the floating design. This is ideal for industrial drones, sports analytics, wide-area surveillance, and other vertical markets.

Vision Systems Design awarded the Silver Honoree in their Innovator Awards for the Computar MPT lens series.

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