New compact IDS XCP and XLE cameras

IDS offers new compact budget-friendly industrial cameras in XCP and XLE families. These versatile cameras are GenICam compliant, and easily programmed with SDK IDS peak – or with third-party software.

IDS XCP and XLE industrial cameras

Designed for price-sensitive and high-volume applications, these cameras can easily be integrated into a wide variety of image processing systems.

The uEye XCP is the smallest industrial camera with housing and C-mount, members of this family measure only  29 x 29 x 17 mm (W/H/L). With zinc die-cast full housing and screw-type USB Micro-B connector, their C-mount adapter makes it possible to choose among a wide range of lenses.

For embedded applications, the uEye XLE family offers single-board cameras with or without C-/CS-Mount or S-Mount and USB Type-C interface.

In both the  uEye XCP and XLE series, you can currently choose between the 2.3 MP global shutter sensor AR0234 and the 5 MP rolling shutter sensor AR0521 from Onsemi. In addition, the 8.46 MP sensor from the Sony Starvis series will soon be available.

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