Three new AVT Alvium 1800 USB3 cameras

1stVision is pleased to announce that Allied Vision has released three fourth-generation Sony IMX sensors with Pregius S global shutter technology to its Alvium 1800 U camera series. With the new models Alvium 1800 U-511 (Sony IMX547), Alvium 1800 U-811 (Sony IMX546) and Alvium 1800 U-1242 (Sony IMX545), the Alvium camera series with USB3 interface now comprises 19 models. All cameras are available in different housing variants (closed housing, open housing, bareboard), as monochrome or color cameras, and with different lens mount options. The USB port can be located either on the back of the camera or on the left side (as seen from the sensor).

AVT Alvium 1800 U housing option
AVT Alvium housed, bareboard, and open variants

To highlight just one key point about each new camera:

  • Alvium U-511: First 5.1 Mpix global shutter Sony sensor for S-mount lens 
  • Alvium U-811: Square 8 Mpix sensor ideal for round or square objects, and microscopy
  • Alvium U-1242: Same resolution with smaller sensor as 2nd gen IMX304
ModelAlvium 1800 U-511 Alvium 1800 U-811Alvium 1800 U-1242
SensorSony IMX547Sony IMX546Sony IMX545
Sensor typeCMOS Global shutterCMOS Global shutterCMOS Global shutter
Sensor sizeType 1/1.8Type 2/3Type 1/1.1
Pixel size2.74 μm × 2.74 μm2.74 μm × 2.74 μm2.74 μm × 2.74 μm
Resolution5.1 MP
2464 × 2064  
8.1 MP
2848 × 2848
12.4 MP
4128 × 3008
Frame rate78 fps (@450MB/s)51 fps(@450MB/s) 33 fps(@450MB/s)
Key attributes at a glance

All cameras are available with different housing variants (closed housing, open housing, bareboard) as well as different lens mount options, according to your application’s requirements.

Contact us at 1stVision with a brief idea of your application, and we will contact you to discuss camera options. support and / or pricing.

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