All I want for Christmas are new camera models!

Camera manufacturers have been extremely busy leading up to the end of year.  With the introduction of new Sony Pregius and ON-Semiconductor image sensors, the product releases have been abundant!  

1st Vision has recapped some of the latest releases you may have missed from Dalsa, Allied Vision, IDS Imaging and JAI.  These exciting releases provide us with the worlds fastest 12MP camera, low cost IMX249 & ON Semi sensor cameras models and 18 Megapixel board level cameras.  

Details are provided below on the following key product releases
  1. Teledyne DALSA expands its Low-cost GigE Camera Series with Nine New Models
  2. Allied Vision Technology releases G234 with new Sony Pregius IMX249
  3. IDS Imaging Introduces single board, low cost, 18MP color camera and releasing “Rev 2” CP cameras in USB3.0 with many new features.
  4. JAI Introduces worlds fastest 12 megapixel camera using the CMOSIS CMV12000

1.  Teledyne DALSA expands its Low-cost GigE Camera Series with Nine New Models

Dalsa has introduced nine new Genie Nano area cameras. Built around ON Semiconductor’s Python CMOS image sensors, these latest models deliver fast frame rates in a small, robust body, and are ideal for an ever-growing number of vision applications.

Available in three resolutions each offering monochrome, color and near infrared (NIR) versions 

Nano 640 x 480 @ 848 fps, On-Semi Python 300:  Data sheets – > Mono/Color  – NIR
Nano 800 x 600 @ 415 fps, On-Semi Python 500:  Data sheets – > Mono/Color  – NIR
Nano 1280 x 1024 @ 214 fps, On-Semi Python 1300:  Data sheets – > Mono/Color  – NIR

These nine new models complement a growing family of fast, cost-effective area cameras built around a fully optimized camera platform and are well suited for machine vision applications that require high speed.

Key Features include:

  • TurboDrive for fast frame rates and full image quality
  • Trigger-to-Image-Reliability for easy system control and debugging
  • Small footprint for tight spaces – 44mm x 29mm x 21mm
  • Wide temperature range (-20 to 60°C) housing for imaging in harsh environments
  • Auto Brightness Controls
  • 2 inputs/2 opto-coupled outputs for easy integration and deployment
  • Light weight – only 46 grams

Specifications for Teledyne DALSA’s Nano camera can be found HERE.  

2.  Allied Vision Technology releases Mako G234 (2.3MP) camera with new Sony Pregius IMX249

A new Mako model within the ultra-compact, low priced camera family for easy integration into standard imaging processing systems is now available.  Allied Vision‘s new Mako G-234 broadens the range of products equipped with Sony Pregius CMOS sensor technology. With its high sensitivity and an outstanding image quality the Mako G-234 is an ideal candidate for the transition from CCD to CMOS technology.

Key Features include: 

  • High quality for a low price
  • High performance from Sony’s new Pregius IMX249 CMOS sensor
  • Dynamic range of 75 dB  due to high saturation capacity and low noise.  
  • 40 fps @ full resolution (1936 x 1216)
  • Small foot print (60.5mm x 29mm x 29mm)

Specifications for Allied Vision Technology cameras can be found HERE with specifications to the Mako G234 camera.  

3.  IDS Imaging Introduces single board, low cost, 18 MP color camera and releasing “Rev 2” CP cameras in USB3.0  

Single Board USB3.0 camera with 18 MP Color sensor

The new UI-359xLE camera, providing one of the highest resolutions in the industrial and scientific camera industry, is perfectly suited for applications requiring ultra-high resolution in tight space constraints. This rolling shutter sensor from Aptina delivers extremely detailed images from VGA to 18 MP, including 4K Cinema resolution.

Due to the latest in Back Side Illuminated (BSI) pixel technology, this sensor is extremely light-sensitive and thus perfectly suited for high-resolution visualization in low-light microscopy, bar code reading, document scanning, or medical imaging applications. 

Key Features include:  
  • Low Cost, single-board camera design 
  • Resolutions: Full HD (1920 x 1080, 37 fps), 4K Cinema (4096 x 2304, 18 fps) and full resolution 18 MP (4912 x 3684, 11 fps). 
  • Optical mounts:   Board-level versions available with S-mount lens holder, or as a bare board-level camera without optics mount.  Sensor is available as a housed camera in the UI-3590CP camera. 

Contact us for additional information – Product release is planned for early 2016.  

Curious on what a 18 MP image can provide?   
Captured by IDS UI-3590CP Rev. 2 camera with Tamron M23FM16 lens.

PRODUCT UPDATE:  IDS Imaging Next Generation “Rev 2” USB3.0 Industrial Cameras

IDS Imaging has continued to update their popular “CP” cameras with new product enhancements.  CP USB3.0 cameras with “Rev 2” now have the following enhancements:  

Product Enhancements for “Rev 2” as follows:

 Specifications for IDS cameras can be found HERE and click the “CP USB3” tab

4.  JAI Introduces worlds fastest 12 megapixel camera using the CMOSIS CMV12000

JAI has expanded its “Spark Series” with their new SP-12000-CXP4, 12MP camera with a CoaXPress 4 connector interface.  

This combination of the CMOSIS sensor and CoaXPress interface make it the worlds fastest 12MP CMOS camera at 189 fps!

    There are actually four new SP-12000CXP4 models.  Because of the extreme performance, two different thermal management options have been created providing an “extended temperature” model.

    Key Features include: 

    • 12 MP CMOSIS Global shutter sensor @ 189 fps
    • CoaXPress interface
    • Multi-ROI, HDR (High Dynamic Range up to 90 dB) 
    • ALC (Auto light control)
    • Rugged design to withstand high vibration (10G) and high shock (80 G)

    Specifications for JAI cameras can be found HERE and specific data sheets for SP-12000-CXP4.  

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