SVS-Vistek IP67 cameras with direct drive for LED illumination

SVS-VISTEK makes it easier and more cost efficient to integrate industrial cameras for machine vision into harsh environments.  The BlackLine Series ECO and ECO^2 cameras are equipped with water and dust proof housings (IP67 protection) and M12 connectivity for industrial wiring.  This series features direct drive and control of LED illumination from the camera eliminating external controllers. 

These are perfect for industrial automation, robotics and harsh environment applications.  All cameras are GigE Vision compliant and work with 3rd party vision software such as Cognex Vision Pro, National Instruments, Halcon &  MV Tech.  

Key Features for the Blackline Series

  • IP67 Protection
  • M12 Connectivity
  • Direct Drive and Control of LED Illumination with power cables available for CCS LED illumination.  
  • Advanced I/O functions and hardware supporting industrial automation
  • Advanced thermal management.  (-10 deg C to + 45 deg C)
  • Series includes resolutions from VGA to 5MP using Sony and ON-Semiconductor image sensors
  • GigE Vision compliant  – fully compatible with 3rd party vision software packages

All specifications for the Blackline Series can be found HERE. 

A key feature in the ECO Series is the ability to direct drive LED illumination in continuous and strobe modes.  This feature allows the camera to be used as a strobe controller saving costs.   

Direct Drive of LED illumination features include 

  • Built in ability to strobe up to 3 Amperes
  • Power of the LED light is provided through power of the camera
  • Setting of pulse width and duty cycle is controller via GigE standard Cat 5 cable
  • Up to 2 LED illuminators can be used simultaneously and independent from each other.  
  • Control commands are integrated into SDK

Industrial Automation support
Integration into industrial automation is supported with SVS’s powerful SVCam I/O functions and IOMUX switch matrix.  The IOMUX switch connects inputs and outputs with the various functions of SVCam I/O.  This allows a combination of inputs with Boolean arguments for more advanced deployments.  

Watch this short video showing 4 easy steps to for industrial field connectivity!

SVCam I/O supports various functions in conjunction with the IOMUX switch.  These include a Sequencer, Pulseloop, debouncer and Prescaler function.  A quick start guide to the I/O controls can be found HERE  

Full Specifications can be found HERE.

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