16, 20 and 24 MP: IDS uEye+ cameras with Sony Pregius sensors

IDS Imaging will soon release new members in their uEye+ camera series, utilizing Sony’s 4th generation Pregius S sensors. Included are 16, 20, and 24 MP offerings of the compact uEye+ USB3 cameras.

XLE+ housed and board-level options – Courtesy IDS Imaging

The “S” in Pregius S stands for “stacked”, a sensor architecture that is back-illuminated as well as layered, creating a light-sensitive, low-noise, high-performance sensor. Even the first 3 generations of Sony Pregius sensors broke new ground, but Pregius S is special. Read our dedicated blog on the Sony Pregius four generation offerings, including details on Pregius S.

Sony Pregius S sensorMPFormat
IMX 532 165328 x 3040
IMX 531 204512 x 4512
IMX 530 245328 x 4608
Sony Pregius S sensors joining IDS uEye+ family

IDS peak SDK : “Configuring instead of programming”

Enhancing the ease of development and deployment for the uEye+ cameras, IDS has released update 2.6 of “IDS peak”, the comprehensive software development kit (SDK), available at no cost. Of course the cameras are Vision Standard compatible ( U3V and GenICam), for those preferring third party SDKs, but IDS peak has much to offer IDS’ camera users.

While the SDK naturally includes conventional programming interfaces, IDS includes tools such as tools such as histograms, line and pixel views, color and greyscale conversions, useful automatic functions and bandwidth management. These skew deployment helpfully towards “configuring instead of programming”.

IDS peak is available for both Windows and Linux OS. In addition, IDS peak SDK works not just with IDS USB3 cameras, but also IDS GigE cameras. So multi-camera applications with mixed interfaces are possible. Or your developers can benefit from familiarity with a single SDK across multiple applications, bringing efficiencies to your team. Download IDS SDKs here.

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