Do you need high camera data rates and reliable image transfer at 6.25Gbits /sec? Learn about CoaXPress & the new Xtium-CXP PX8 frame grabber!

Do you need high camera data rates and reliable image transfer at rates at 6.25 Gbits / sec over a single cable reaching 100+ meters?

CoaXPress (CXP) may be the perfect interface to solve your problems!

First, let us explain - What is CoaXPress (CXP) and its benefits?  
CoaXpress, established in March 2011, has become the worlds leading standard for high speed imaging in various industries from machine vision, medical imaging, life sciences and defense.  Combining the simplicity of coaxial cables with state of the art high-speed serial data technology, CoaXPress is a very desirable solution for high speed imaging and data transmission.    Click here for a list of CoaXPress camera options

Benefits of CoaXPress (CXP) include: 

  • 6.25 Gbps per cable for image and data transfer with higher speeds using aggregate cables up to 25 Gbps!
  • Long Cable lengths up to 100 meters using standardized connections.
  • One cable solution can provide digital video, power, trigger and GPIO
  • Cost effective cable solutions which are hot pluggable.  
  • Real time behavior with fixed, very low latency transmission.  
  • Potential to re-use existing coaxial cable to upgrade image systems.  

CoaXPress is an interface which requires a frame grabber on the host computer which communicates with the camera.  

Teledyne Dalsa has recently adopted CoaXPress into the popular Xtium family of frame grabbers providing a robust solution based on the current Xtium platform.  

The Xtium-CXP PX8 is based on the industry standard PCI Express Gen 2.0 expansion bus to deliver high speed access to host memory over 8 lanes.  Featuring a half length PCIe card with 4 input channels of up to 6.25 Gb/s, fully supported by Dalsa's Sapera LT SDK.

What is the key differentiator of the Xtium-CXP PX8 CoaXPress frame grabber?  

Free Run Time licences
When using Teledyne Dalsa's Sapera processing library, the Xtium series offers free run-time licenses for Sapera processing standard Run-Time (RTL).  The standard tools include access to over 350 highly optimized image processing functions and tools for area based search, blob analysis and image calibration!  If you are already using Sapera processing, you have an immediate cost savings!

Trigger to Image Reliability framework
The Xtium series support Sapera LT’s Trigger-to-Image (T2IR) framework for maximum reliability of the image acquisition system. The T2IR functions provide critical, real-time details of system events that help track and monitor acquisition, transfer, and control processes to ensure reliability of the imaging system.  System up-time is increased and cost are lowered and all free of charge as part of the Sapera LT SDK.  

1st Vision can provide technical guidance on the new frame grabbers and identify complete imaging solutions... don't hesitate to contact us for quotes or to discuss your application.  
Technical data for the new Xtium frame grabbers can be found on the following links: 

Click here for technical data on the Xtium-CXP PX8 Frame grabber.

Click here for the Xtium-CXP PX8 complete manual

The Teledyne Dalsa Xtium frame grabber series is well established with its flagship MX4 Camera Link frame grabber.  If Camera link is your preferred interface, you'll find details on the Xtium-CL MX4 Camera link frame grabber here.

Please do not hesitate to Contact us!  1st Vision can provide a complete solution including cameras, lenses, lighting and cables.  We have over 100 years of combined experience we can put to work for you!

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