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Dalsa Cameras

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Teledyne DALSA's family of industrial cameras offer GigE and camera link interfaces, with a wide variety of resolutions and frame rates. Area Scan and line scan cameras area available with the highest performance CMOS and CCD imaging sensors including Sony Pregius and Teledyne DALSA's own proprietary sensors. Teledyne DALSA's TurboDrive is featured in several camera lines and is used to push past the gigabit Ethernet speed ceiling, allowing a GigE Vision cameras to send pixel information at a rate in excess of 125 MB/s and speeding up line and frame rates beyond the nominal link capacity.

Learn more about TurboDrive.

Dalsa cameras  - GigE, HSlink, and Camera Link industrial cameras - click a tab to view each camera family

Dalsa Genie Nano Cameras

  • Turbo Drive
  • Multi-ROI Windows
  • Multi-Exposure
  • Auto-Brightness (AGC + Exposure)
  • Color Enhancement
  • Multicast Feature
  • Precise Time Protocol support
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Nano XL-M4090 Nano XL-C4090GigE40964096127.10On-Semi PYTHON 16K26
Nano XL-M5100 Nano XL-C5100GigE51205120124.50On-Semi PYTHON 25K33.16
Nano-C4900 CGigE49123684106On-Semi AR1820HS1/2.3"
Nano-CL-C2450 Nano-CL-M2450CamLink2448204810144Sony IMX2502/3
Nano-CL-C4040 Nano-CL-M4040CamLink411230121064Sony IMX2531.1
Nano-CL-C4060 Nano-CL-M4060CamLink411221761088Sony IMX2551
Nano-CL-C4090 Nano-CL-M4090CamLink409640961045On-Semi PYTHON 16K26
Nano-CL-C5100 Nano-CL-M5100CamLink512051201030On-Semi PYTHON 25K33.16
Nano-CL-M4090-NIRCamLink409640961045ON Semi PYTHON 16k26
Nano-CL-M5100-NIRCamLink512051201030ON Semi PYTHON 25k33.16
Nano-M1280 Nano-C1280GigE128010241093On-Semi PYTHON 13001/2
Nano-M1280-NIR MGigE128010241093On-Semi PYTHON 13001/2
Nano-M1450 Nano-C1450 M/CGigE145610881275Sony IMX2731/2.9
Nano-M1920 Nano-C1920GigE192012001239Sony IMX2491/1.2
Nano-M1930 Nano-C1930GigE192012001051On-Semi PYTHON 20002/3
Nano-M1930-NIR MGigE192012001051On-Semi PYTHON 20002/3
Nano-M1940 Nano-C1940GigE192012001052Sony IMX1741/1.2
Nano-M2020 Nano-C2020GigE204815361235Sony IMX2651/1.8
Nano-M2050 Nano-C2050GigE20481536835Sony IMX2521/1.8
Nano-M2420 Nano-C2420GigE244820481222Sony IMX2642/3
Nano-M2450 Nano-C2450GigE24482048822Sony IMX2502/3
Nano-M2590 Nano-C2590GigE259220481022.50On-Semi PYTHON 50001
Nano-M2590-NIR MGigE259220481022.50On-Semi PYTHON 50001
Nano-M4020 Nano-C4020GigE411230081220Sony IMX3041.1
Nano-M4030 Nano-C4030GigE411221761230Sony IMX2671
Nano-M4040 Nano-C4040GigE4112301289.70Sony IMX2531.1
Nano-M4060 Nano-C4060GigE41122176814.30Sony IMX2551
Nano-M640 Nano-C640GigE64048010392On-Semi PYTHON 3001/4
Nano-M640-NIR MGigE64048010392On-Semi PYTHON 3001/4
Nano-M800 Nano-C800GigE80060010255On-Semi PYTHON 5001/3.6
Nano-M800-NIR MGigE80060010255On-Semi PYTHON 5001/3.6

Genie Camera Features

  • GigE Vision Compliant
  • 8 Compact cameras from VGA to megapixel
  • Sensors from 1/3" to 2/3"
  • True Partial Scan(high frame rates)
  • On-board shading correction
  • On-board hardware lookup table
  • Direct show software interface
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Genie 1024 M/CGigE10247681020Sony ICX2041/3
Genie 1280 M/CGigE12809601024Sony ICX4451/3
Genie 1400 M/CGigE139210401015Sony ICX2051/2
Genie 1410 M/CGigE136010241022Sony ICX2852/3
Genie 1600 M/CGigE160012001012Sony ICX2741/1.8
Genie 640 1/2 M/CGigE6594941060Sony ICX4141/2
Genie 640 1/3 M/CGigE6594941060Sony ICX4241/3
Genie HM1024 M/CGigE10247688117Dalsa 2/3
Genie HM1400 HG M/CGigE140010241064Dalsa 1
Genie HM1400 XDR M/CGigE140010241064Dalsa 1
Genie HM640 M/CGigE6404808300Dalsa 1/3

Genie TS

  • Ultra high frame rate GigE cameras
  • Hardware pixel by pixel gain and offset correction
  • Hardware lookup table
  • High dynamic range thru multi slope conversion
  • Programmable JPEG output
  • Hardware image filtering
  • Automatic brightness control for gain, exposure and from video or DC iris output
  • I/O Ports 4 opto-isolated input, 4 opto-isolated output||On-board 3 axis motorized lens control
  • On-board RS-485 Port||On-board RS-232 Port
  • On-board JPEG output (software selectable)
  • Horizontal and Vertical binning
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Genie TS-C2500 CGigE256020481024Proprietary 19.6mm
Genie TS-C3500 CGigE352022001015Proprietary 24.9mm
Genie TS-C4096 CGigE409630721010Proprietary 30.7mm
Genie TS-M1920 MGigE192010801070CMOSIS CMV20002/3
Genie TS-M2048 MGigE204820481038CMOSIS CMV40001
Genie TS-M2500 MGigE256020481024Proprietary 19.6mm
Genie TS-M2560 MGigE25602048851Anafocus Lince5M 16.75mm
Genie TS-M3500 MGigE352022001015Proprietary 24.9mm
Genie TS-M4096 MGigE409630721010Proprietary 30.7mm

Dalsa Linea Line Scan CMOS Cameras

  • Ultra Low Cost Camera Link Line Scan
  • On-board flat field correction
  • On-board lens shading correction
  • GeniCam or ASCII control
  • Multiple ROI
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
LA-CC-04k05B CCamLink409621248Dalsa 28.84
LA-CC-08k05B CCamLink819221226Dalsa 14.42
LA-CM-02K08A MCamLink204811280Dalsa 14.4mm
LA-CM-04K08A MCamLink409611280Dalsa 28.8mm
LA-CM-08K08A MCamLink819211280Dalsa 57.7mm
LA-CM-16K05A MCamLink1638411248Dalsa 57.3mm
LA-GC-02k05B CGigE20482848Dalsa 57.67
LA-GC-04k05B CGigE40962813Dalsa 28.84
LA-GM-02K08A MGigE204811252Dalsa 14.4mm
LA-GM-04K08A MGigE409611226Dalsa 28.8mm
LA-GM-08K08A MGigE819211213Dalsa 57.67mm
LA-HM-16K07A MHSLink1611271Dalsa Proprietary57.3mm

Piranha XL™ XDR

  • Unparalleled speed thru Camera Link HS
  • TDI provides unsurpassed sensitivity
  • On-board shading correction
  • Bidirectional scanning
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
PX-HC-08k04T CHSLink8160121040Dalsa 40.8mm
PX-HC-08k07T CHSLink8160121070Dalsa 40.8mm
PX-HC-16K04T CHSLink16352121040Dalsa 81.7mm
PX-HC-16K07T CHSLink16352121070Dalsa 81.7mm

Piranha XL

  • Extremely high speed
  • Very sensitive/low noise using TDI
  • Enhanced UV response
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
PX-HM-16k06B MHSLink16352121260Dalsa 81.76mm
PX-HM-16K12B MHSLink163521212126Dalsa 81.76mm

Piranha4 Family

  • Very high speed
  • Dual line scan CMOS architecture provides 2x increase in responsivity
  • Advanced GenICam compliant user interface offers easy use and setup
  • Large full-well capacity maximizes high dynamic range
  • Low read noise and on-chip CDS ensures superior signal-to-noise at low light
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
P4-CC-02K07T CCamLink204831270Dalsa 28.8mm
P4-CC-02k70Q CCamLink204841270Dalsa 28.8mm
P4-CC-04K07T CCamLink409631270Dalsa 43.25mm
P4-CC-08k050 CCamLink819221250Dalsa 57.7mm
P4-CM-02K05D MCamLink2048212100Dalsa 28.7mm
P4-CM-02K10D MCamLink2048212200Dalsa 20.5mm
P4-CM-04K07D MCamLink409621270Dalsa 28.7mm
P4-CM-04K10D MCamLink4096212200Dalsa 41mm
P4-CM-08K070 MCamLink819211270Dalsa 57.7mm

Piranha Family

  • Multi output for high line rate
  • Common optical path allows use of standard lenses
  • On-board flat field correction compensates for lens distortion or uneven illumination
  • Color Piranha's - Tri-linear line scan for superb color rendition
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
ES-12k MHSLink1200064129999.99Dalsa
ES-80-04K80 MCamLink4096321269Dalsa
ES-80-08K40 MCamLink8192321234Dalsa
ES-80-08K80 MCamLink8192321269Dalsa
ES-82-04K40 MCamLink4096161255Dalsa
ES-82-04K80 MCamLink40961612110Dalsa
HS NIR 8k MCamLink81922561234Proprietary 57.3mm
HS-12K MHSLink120002561290Proprietary 62.4mm
HS-4X-02K30 MCamLink204811052Dalsa
HS-4X-04K40 MCamLink409611236Dalsa
HS-4X-08K40 MCamLink819211234Dalsa
HS-80-04K40 MCamLink409611268Dalsa
HS-82-04Kx0 MCamLink40964812110Dalsa
HS-8X-08K80 MCamLink819211268Dalsa
P2-2x-01K40 MCamLink102411065Dalsa IL-P1-10241/3
P2-2x-02K40 MCamLink204811035Dalsa IL-P1-20481
P2-2x-04K40 MCamLink409611018Dalsa IL-P1-40961.6
P2-2x-04K40 MCamLink409611018Dalsa IL-P4-40961.2
P2-2x-06K40 MCamLink614411012Dalsa IL-P4-61441.7
P2-2x-08K40 MCamLink81921109Dalsa IL-P4-81922.2
P2-4X-02K40 MCamLink204811068Dalsa
P2-4x-04K40 MCamLink409611036Dalsa IL-P4-40961.2
P2-4x-06K40 MCamLink614411024Dalsa IT-P4-61441.7
P2-4x-08K40 MCamLink819211018Dalsa IT-P4-81922.2
P2-80-12K40 MHSLink1228811223Dalsa 61.5mm
P3-8X-08K40 MCamLink819211233Dalsa 57mm
P3-8X-12K40 MCamLink1228811223Dalsa 61.5mm
P3-S0-16K40 MHSLink1638411270Dalsa 57mm
PC-30-02K60 CCamLink204831222Dalsa 29mm
PC-30-02K80 CCamLink204831233Dalsa 29mm
PC-30-04K60 CCamLink409631212Dalsa 41mm
PC-30-04K80 CCamLink409631218Dalsa 41mm

Spyder 3 Color Family

  • Dual sensor technology for ultra high sensitivity
  • High color fidelity thru dual line color
  • Hardware flat field correction
  • Automatic white balance
  • GigE and Camera Link output options
  • Hardware color conversion for low CPU usage
  • Precalibrated to various light sources
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
SC-34-02K80 CCamLink204821218Dalsa 14.3mm
SC-34-04K80 CCamLink40962129Dalsa 28.6mm
SG-34-02K80 CGigE204821218Dalsa 14.3mm
SG-34-04K80 CGigE40962129Dalsa 28.6mm

Spyder 3 B&W Family

  • Dual sensor technology for ultra high sensitivity
  • Single tap output for simple setup and operation
  • GigE and Camera Link output options
  • On-board flat field correction to compensate for lens distortion or uneven illumination
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
S3-14-01K40 MCamLink102421236Dalsa 14.3mm
S3-14-02K40 MCamLink204821218Dalsa 28.6mm
S3-24-01K40 MCamLink102421268Dalsa 14.3mm
S3-24-02K40 MCamLink204821236Dalsa 28.6mm
S3-24-04K40 MCamLink409621218Dalsa 41mm
SG-14-01K40 MGigE102421236Dalsa 14.3mm
SG-14-01K80 MGigE102421268Dalsa 14.3mm
SG-14-02K40 MGigE204821218Dalsa 28.6mm
SG-14-02K80 MGigE204821236Dalsa 28.6mm
SG-14-04K40 MGigE409621218Dalsa 41mm

Spyder 2 Family

  • Low cost line scan cameras
  • On-board flat field correction to compensate for lens distortion or uneven illumination
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
S2-1x-01K40 MCamLink102411036Dalsa IL-P3-10241/2
S2-1x-02K40 MCamLink204811018Dalsa IL-P3-20481.2
S2-1x-05H40 MCamLink51211065Dalsa IL-P3-05121/4

Falcon2 Family

  • Very high speed, high quality CMOS sensors
  • Global shutter
  • Full Camera Link
  • On-board flat field correction
  • Low noise
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Falcon2 12M M/CCamLink409630721058Proprietary 30.7mm
Falcon2 4M M/CCamLink2432172810188Proprietary 17.5mm
Falcon2 8M M/CCamLink332825021090Proprietary 25.0mm

Falcon Family

  • High speed CMOS
  • Global Shuttering
  • 10us min exposure time
  • 1000x anti blooming
  • Vertical windowing
  • Large (7.4 um) pixels
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Falcon 1.4M100CamLink1400102410100Dalsa 1
Falcon 1M120 M/CCamLink1024102410100Dalsa 1/3
Falcon VGA300 M/CCamLink64048010300Dalsa 1/3
PT-21-04M30 MCamLink235217281031Proprietary 1
PT-22-04M30 CCamLink235217281031Proprietary 1
PT-41-04M60 MCamLink235217281062Proprietary 1
PT-42-04M60 CCamLink235217281062Proprietary 1

Calibir™ 640 Uncooled IR Thermal Cameras

  • Extremely compact and cost efficient
  • No framegrabber required
  • GigE Vision compliant
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Calibir 640 AB MAnalog6404801430Dalsa 13.6mm
Calibir 640 AS MAnalog6404801430Dalsa 13.6mm
Calibir 640 Core MRGMII/CPI6404801450Dalsa 13.6mm
Calibir 640 GigE MGigE6404801450Dalsa 13.6mm

*Model Abbreviations designate camera is available in B-Monochrome, M-Monochrome, C-Color, M/C-Monochrome or Color
**Interface - Firewire cameras = 1394 , Camera Link cameras = Cam Link, USB2.0 cameras = USB, Gigabit Ethernet (GigE, GigeVision) = GigE
***FPS - Frames Per Second