Teledyne Dalsa is pleased to announce the release of low cost GigE & Cam Link color Line scan cameras

Teledyne Dalsa is pleased to announce the release of the Linea Color line scan cameras.  

Starting at $1480, the Linea line scan Color cameras are the newest additions to the series built around advanced CMOS technology.  It delivers the best performance to cost ratio in the machine vision industry for color imaging with high speed, high responsivity, low noise and an extensive feature set.  

Feature Highlights: 

  • 2K, 4K and 8K Resolutions available with line rates of up to 48 kHz for 8k Camera link models.  
  • Built in color interpolation in Sapera LT host driver delivers 50% faster speed in RGB full color mode over Spyder 3 color cameras
  • Turbo Drive boosts speeds to achieve line rates that are 2-3X faster than standard GigE vision line rates.
  • AOI and ROI capability outputs and calibrates only regions you are interested in
  • Burst Mode captures the images at faster speeds when sample is passing the FOV and while transmits data during idle time.
  • Smart FFC provides a low pass filter that makes FFC easier without de-focusing the lens
  • White Balance ROI providing only white balance on a small ROI target
  • Noise Filter enables further noise reduction.  
  • LUT for High Dynamic Range Imaging allowing more details to be seen in both bright and dark scenes.  
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) capable using the cycling mode feature  (See the short video on how to setup this feature )
Overview Product Specifications

Applications include: 

  • Food Sorting
  • Recycling sorting
  • PCB inspection
  • Printing inspection
  • Web inspection
  • General machine vision and many more!
Detail product specifications can be found for each camera below:

Model #                          Resolution     Max Line Rate
LA-CC-08K05B-00-R     8192 x 2         26 kHz
LA-GC-04K05B-00-R     4096 x 2         13 kHz
LA-GC-02K05B-00-R     2048 x 2         26 kHz

Note:  Higher line rates will be achieved using Turbodrive

Don’t need color? – See the monocrome versions HERE.

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