Video Tutorial: How to setup HDR Imaging inTeledyne Dalsa’s Linea Line scan cameras

Teledyne Dalsa’s Linea line scan cameras are low cost and very feature rich.  Applications that require details to be seen in dark and bright areas require High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging.  

Linea’s cycling mode is a feature allowing HDR to be used in line scan applications.  

This short video provides a tutorial on how to setup this feature using the Teledyne Dalsa Linea line scan camera.

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Specifications for all Teledyne Dalsa cameras including the Dalsa Nano cameras can be found here.  

If you are not familiar with the patented award winning Turbo Drive from Dalsa, there are several resources below.   Learn how to make GigE faster than GigE!

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White Paper:  TurboDrive Technology Primer

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