Earthquake stops Sony production of IMX sensors, but 1stVision has Cameras in stock!

Sony’s production of IMX sensors has been disrupted as a result of two earthquakes on April 14th and 16th, in their Kumamoto Japan technology center.  However, 1stVision has cameras in stock with these sensors!

Operations at this facility, is the primary manufacturing site for Pregius (IMX Series) image sensors used in digital cameras.  Manufacturing had been suspended due to the impact of the earthquakes.

This manufacturing delay put a strain on the supply chain leaving many camera manufacturers without the ability to ship product.  

However, 1stVision was able to procure and now stocking cameras using the popular Sony Pregius IMX series sensors.  This includes the 2.3MP IMX249 sensor along with several others in the Pregius image sensor line up.  

In short, we have stock!

Sony’s manufacturing center is now running, but may take until early fall until the factory supply chain eliminates any delays.  

1st Vision has extensive knowledge in industrial imaging and can help answer any questions.  We have over 100 years of combined knowledge and look forward to discussing your application.  

Please do not hesitate to Contact us!  1st Vision can provide a complete solution including cameras, lenses, lighting and cables.  

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