Low cost Dalsa Nano’s with TurboDrive (Fast GigE) camera family expanded + NIR sensors


Teledyne Dalsa, whose highly successful, low cost Nano cameras have added NIR enhanced ON-SEMI sensors to their product line in addition to 2MP and 5MP sensors.

The Nano cameras offer Turbo Drive capabilities providing frame rates exceeding GigE capacity using GigE Vision standards.

The low cost series is now available in color, mono and NIR with resolutions from VGA to 5MP.  The new ON-SEMI sensors coupled with TurboDrive, provide frame rates up to 862 fps in full frame mode.  

NIR cameras starting @ $450!

See the full portfolio of Genie Nano’s featuring Turbo Drive

The quantum efficiency (QE) of the NIR image sensors offers increased sensitivity from 700nm to 1000nm providing a better response in NIR wavelengths as seen in the graph to the right.  
This additional response directly correlates to brighter images when used within the NIR spectrum as seen in the application examples below.


What are the benefits and results of a Near Infrared enhanced camera?

NIR enhanced cameras when combined with NIR light sources, provide solutions normal cameras and lighting can not solve.

The longer wavelengths can be used to penetrate through various mediums allowing subsurface features to be seen and enhancing contrast.  

The following are a couple application examples where NIR cameras with the correct lighting can solve machine vision applications.  

We can provide full details on the camera, light and lens combination on these applications.  Simply send us an email with the subject “Send me the NIR image details” with your contact information and we’ll send you a brief write-up.

Bottle Inspection:  Various machine vision inspections are needed in bottle manufacturing, but can be challenging due to dark glass and short exposure times. As the bottles are rapidly moving, a short exposure time is required to stop bottle motion, which limits the light collecting on the sensor. To overcome this challenge, a NIR enhanced camera combined with a NIR illuminator allows light to pass through the dark glass.  As the sensor is enhanced in the NIR, a higher grey scale value can be achieved which can allow for shorter exposures and increased throughput.

The image on the left was taken with a standard Genie Nano camera and the new Nano NIR enhanced camera image is on the right.  

Using the identical exposure settings, lighting and lensing, the NIR enhanced camera provided a significantly higher grey scale (130 vs 75) image and better contrast.

PCB conductors:  In electronics manufacturing, various inspections are performed including verification of traces not visible to the naked eye.  In order to overcome this, NIR light is used to help pass through the PCB material.  A NIR enhanced camera is used to provide the best response allowing for shorter exposure times and increasing the system scan time.

The comparison images below used a standard Genie Nano camera (left) and Nano NIR enhanced camera (right).  Using identical settings, the NIR enhanced camera provided a better response and brighter image for light passing through the PCB.  

Do not forget – Send us an email with the subject “Send me the NIR image details” if you want more details

There are many more applications that can be solved with the right combination of vision hardware.  1st Vision has extensive knowledge in industrial imaging and can help select the best camera, lens and lighting combinations for your application.  

We have over 100 years of combined knowledge and look forward to discussing your application!

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