High Speed cameras meet low cost with ON-SEMI Python sensors – Starting @ $425 for 800 fps!

The evolution of the next generation of CMOS sensors continues to transform the camera market with high frame rates coupled with prices starting at $425!  ON Semiconductor image sensors are now main stream in several camera lines with interfaces in USB3 and GigE along with offering color, monochrome and NIR variations. 

ON Semiconductor sensors provide exceptional image performance and speed due to multiple LVDS lanes in the sensors running at 720Mbps.  With VGA resolutions achieving frame rates up to 862 frames / second (fps).  

Have a need for Speed?  Partial scan with USB3.0 or GigE with TurboDrive can dramatically increase frame rates!

Partial scan modes can be programmed to crop a specific number of lines within an image.  A vertical offset can be programmed to set the location of the partial scan.  This results in faster frame rates as there are less lines being transferred.  

The combination of high speed sensor and faster interfaces, coupled with partial scan results in incredible frame rates!

1st Vision has conducted tests showing various resolutions and frame rates that can be achieved using the ON Semiconductor Python 1300 (1280 x 1040 image sensor).  We conducted these tests using a USB3.0 camera and a GigE camera using Dalsa’s TurboDrive.     

Test Results

The chart to the left shows various frame rates achieved using partial scan’s.  

Note: USB3.0 is typically faster than GigE, however using Dalsa’s TurboDrive, data transfer can be increased exceeding USB3.0!

The ON Semi Python 1300 is one resolution of several found in various cameras;  VGA being one of the fastest with 862 fps in full frame.  Using partial scan modes set to 8 lines, we can reach in excess of 10K fps using the VGA sensor in Dalsa’s new Nano M640.

Do you need to know the frame rates for your specific application?  Contact us and we’d be happy to run some tests for you!   1st Vision can discuss the application and help select the best camera using either USB3 or GigE interfaces.  

Want to select cameras by sensor, frame rate or interface (to name a few)?  Test drive our new Camera Selector!  

1st Vision has extensive knowledge in industrial imaging and can help answer any questions.  We have over 100 years of combined knowledge and look forward to discussing your application.  

Please do not hesitate to Contact us!  1st Vision can provide a complete solution including cameras, lenses, lighting and cables.  

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