Teledyne Dalsa Turbodrive – GigE, Faster than GigE!

What is TurboDrive?


TurboDrive from Teledyne Dalsa, is a technology which enables cameras to transmit information at a rate exceeding the constraints of Gige Ethernet.  TurboDrive is a patent pending innovation that uses advanced data encoding techniques that look at the redundancy in the data coming out of the sensor. It uses image entropy based encoding to model pixel information with no loss of information. This enables faster data transmission on the link as each pixel is comprised of fewer bits for encoding.


Machine Vision cameras have traditionally used absolute encoding over 8 to 16 bits to transmit image information. For instance, in 8-bit, each pixel takes a value ranging from 0

(black) to 255 (white). TurboDrive relies on localized relative encoding to examine each pixel in its context before encoding it. This generates a more compact encoding of the pixel information and enables TurboDrive to be more efficient by packing the same information in less bits. 



What are the benefits of TurboDrive?


  • Faster frame rates than GigE (125 MB/s) by up to 235%, BUT using standard GigE networks. 
  • Eliminate the need for faster interfaces (i.e Base Camera Link @ 255 MB/s), saving costs and complexity especially on long cable runs. 
  • Allows aggregate information from multiple camera onto a single link.  For example, data coming from 2 cameras could be sent on same network card.
  • More efficient method of data packaging without any loss.       
  • Its essentially free with TeledyneDalsa cameras supporting TurboDrive 


Data sheets for all Teledyne Dalsa cameras with TurboDrive can be found HERE.  


Why you should be considering this technology?


Watch this short video to explain the technology in detail and how to speed up your systems over standard GigE networks.  


Seeing is believing!


In addition, we have a video showing Turbodrive in action.  We used the 2.3MP Nano-1940 camera, operating over a PoE network @ 80 fps which is ~ 150% over the GigE bandwidth!

1st Vision has extensive knowledge on Teledyne Dalsa cameras and can help answer any questions. 

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