ECS cost efficient 3D sensor series

Automation Technology GmbH announces the ECS series, where ECS means Eco Compact Sensor. Using less expensive optics and sensors, the standardized pre-configured offering is more than good enough for many applications. And priced to pass the lower-cost component savings on to the customer.

ECS 3D sensors – Courtesy Automation Technology GmbH

Ideal for applications in food, logistics, and robot vision, the sweet spot is performance that’s good enough to add value and get the job done, without having to purchase components needed for even higher performance. ECS sensors use the principle of laser triangulation to create a 3D point cloud.

Resolution and speed.

ECS delivers 2048 points per profile, at up to 43 kHz. Compare that to AT’s higher end scanners with up to 4096 points per profile, and speeds to 204 kHz.

Field of View (FoV)

Initial ECS series members are offered at 100 or 160mm FoVs, with other options planned for release.

Compact design

At only 0.65kg, about 1lb in weight, ECS 3D compact sensors can be easily integrated into many applications.

Software integration

Automation Technology’s AT Solution package makes it easy to configure your sensor. The SDK provides options for C, C++, and Python. The GigE Vision / GenICam interface means users may also choose any software compliant with those popular industry standards.


As mentioned above, food/beverage, logistics, packaging, and robotics are just a few of the suggested application areas.

Images above courtesy of Automation Technology

Three 3D sensor families: Value, Performance, and Modular

To put it in perspective, Automation Technology GmbH has expanded its 3D sensor portfolio with price : performance offerings at each of:

  • Value: ECS Series – compact, pre-calibrated, IP54 protection class, low cost
  • Performance: C6 Series – high-performance, pre-configured, IP67 protection, mid-priced
  • Modular: MCS Series – high-performance flexible configuration, IP67 protection
Comparing 3D Sensor Series – Courtesy Automation Technology GmbH

See an expanded comparison table at our website. But at a high level think of ECS as the value series. The C6 models offer high performance at a choice of resolutions. And the MCS is a modular unbundling of the C6 products – high-performance with flexible configuration.

What matters to you of course is your own application. And that’s what matters to us, too. As an independent distributor, we work for you. Tell us about your application, and we’ll guide to to the best-fit technology for your needs. Call us at 978-474-0044.

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