Teledyne Dalsa Nano XL-M5100 cameras providing 25MP resolution for < $6K!


The Genie Nano XL-M5100 offers the On-Semi Python 25K global shutter sensor with a resolution of 5120 x 5120 at an incredible price!  In conjunction with Teledyne Dalsa’s  “Turbo Drive”, 20 frames per second (fps) can be achieved at full 25 Megapixel resolution.   

Compared to other cameras with 20MP+ resolution, the Nano XL camera provides 25 MP at price savings of over $1000.    Great performance, faster frame rates, and smaller image format!

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The new cameras are fully GigE Vision compliant with higher frame rates achievable with partial scan modes and packed with beneficial features

Features and Benefits at a glance

  • Resolution – 5120 x 5120 with 4.5um pixels;  M42 mount (M42 to F-mount adapter available )
  • Speeds unsurpassed with Turbodrive – Using the latest global shutter CMOS technology, the new 25MP XL coupled with Dalsa Turbodrive technology can achieve 20 fps  (Read more about TurboDrive )
  • Price points that are now affordable!  – Pricing starting below $6K now provides 25MP resolution at a fantastic price.   Pricing is significantly lower at OEM prices! 
  • Sensor Improvements of the ON-Semi Python 25K vs the ON Semi Vita 25K
    • The read noise of the Python 25K is almost half of the Vita 25K sensor.  
    • Natively the Python 25K is faster than the Vita 25K.  Depending on the interface, this will be faster than comparable high resolution sensors.  
  • On-board memory – 500 MB
  • Wide Temperature range – 20 deg. C to + 60 C

Applications include:

  • Machine Vision inspection
  • Medical Imaging
  • Large scale metrology
  • Pick and Place machines
  • Motion monitoring
  • Aerial Surveillance

 ON-Semi has continued to expand the image sensor line and in turn, it is available from various camera manufacturers and interfaces.  

If you do not need 25MP, the Dalsa Nano product line has become very extensive with resolutions from VGA to 25MP.  Click here NOW to see the complete Nano portfolio

Turbo Drive is truly an innovation allowing you to surpass GigE data rates using standard GigE interfaces.  Learn more in this short video on how this is accomplished!

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