Fastest 12 & 9 Megapixel GigE cameras featuring Sony Pregius sensors


Teledyne DALSA has announced the addition of four new high resolution models to its high-value Genie™ Nano GigE Vision camera series. Featuring the popular Sony®Pregius’ IMX 255 and IMX 253 image sensors, the new 9 (4K HD) and 12 Megapixel cameras deliver both speed and high quality imaging. 
Nano 12 megapixels at 40 fps and 
9 megapixels at 56 fps.. Truly the fastest GigE
Nano GigE cameras are equipped with the patented Turbo drive allowing pixel data to be transferred at a rate in excess of 125 MB/s.  This provides frame rates beyond the normal link capacity.  
With the addition of these four models (M4060, M4040, C4060 and C4040) systems designers can choose from a growing number of Genie Nano cameras powered by 31 industry-leading CMOS image sensors.
Key Features include: 
  • TurboDrive for fast frame rates and full image quality
  • Trigger-to-Image-Reliability for easy system control and debugging
  • Small footprint / light weight: 44mm x 29mm x 21mm / 46 grams
  • Wide temperature range (-20 to 60°C) for imaging in harsh environments
  • Auto-brightness features for changing lighting environments
  • Support for Linux operating platform is also available
  • Genie Nano cameras feature a robust design backed by a 3-year warranty.
Applications include:
  • Intelligent traffic systems
  • Printed circuit board inspection
  • Metrology
  • Machine Vision & industrial inspection
View the full data sheets for the 9 MP and 12 MP cameras below:

Stay Tuned!  The ON-SEMI 16 and 25 Megapixel sensors are on the Nano roadmap!  You’ll see the new Nano M4090 and M5100 cameras coming soon!  

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