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Dalsa Cameras

DALSA’s family of industrial camera are available with GigE, camera link or analog interfaces, with a wide variety of resolutions, high quality CMOS and CCD sensor in color or black & white.

Dalsa cameras  - GigE, HSlink, and Camera Link industrial cameras - click a tab to view each camera family

Dalsa Linea Line Scan CMOS Cameras

  • Ultra Low Cost Camera Link Line Scan
  • On-board flat field correction
  • On-board lens shading correction
  • GeniCam or ASCII control
  • Multiple ROI
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
LA-CM-02K08A MCamLink204811280Dalsa 14.4mm
LA-CM-04K08A MCamLink409611280Dalsa 28.8mm
LA-CM-08K08A MCamLink819211280Dalsa 57.7mm
LA-CM-16K05A MCamLink1638411248Dalsa 57.3mm
LA-GM-02K08A MGigE204811252Dalsa 14.4mm
LA-GM-04K08A MGigE409611226Dalsa 28.8mm

Piranha4 Family

  • Very high speed
  • Dual line scan CMOS architecture provides 2x increase in responsivity
  • Advanced GenICam compliant user interface offers easy use and setup
  • Large full-well capacity maximizes high dynamic range
  • Low read noise and on-chip CDS ensures superior signal-to-noise at low light
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
P4-CC-02K07T CCamLink204831270Dalsa 28.8mm
P4-CC-02k70Q CCamLink204841270Dalsa 28.8mm
P4-CC-04K07T CCamLink409631270Dalsa 43.25mm
P4-CC-08k050 CCamLink819221250Dalsa 57.7mm
P4-CM-02K10D MCamLink2048212100Dalsa 20.5mm
P4-CM-02k14D MCamLink2048212140Dalsa 28.7mm
P4-CM-04K07D MCamLink409621270Dalsa 28.7mm
P4-CM-04K10D MCamLink4096212200Dalsa 41mm
P4-CM-08K070 MCamLink819211270Dalsa 57.7mm

Piranha Family

  • Multi output for high line rate
  • Common optical path allows use of standard lenses
  • On-board flat field correction compensates for lens distortion or uneven illumination
  • Color Piranha's - Tri-linear line scan for superb color rendition
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
ES-12k MHSLink12000641232767Dalsa
ES-80-04K80 MCamLink4096321269Dalsa
ES-80-08K40 MCamLink8192321234Dalsa
ES-80-08K80 MCamLink8192321269Dalsa
ES-82-04K40 MCamLink4096161255Dalsa
ES-82-04K80 MCamLink40961612110Dalsa
HS NIR 8k MCamLink81922561234Dalsa 57.3mm
HS-12K MHSLink120002561290Dalsa 62.4mm
HS-4X-02K30 MCamLink204811052Dalsa
HS-4X-04K40 MCamLink409611236Dalsa
HS-4X-08K40 MCamLink819211234Dalsa
HS-80-04K40 MCamLink409611268Dalsa
HS-82-04Kx0 MCamLink40964812110Dalsa
HS-8X-08K80 MCamLink819211268Dalsa
P2-2x-01K40 MCamLink102411065Dalsa IL-P1-10241/3
P2-2x-02K40 MCamLink204811035Dalsa IL-P1-20481
P2-2x-04K40 MCamLink409611018Dalsa IL-P1-40961.6
P2-2x-04K40 MCamLink409611018Dalsa IL-P4-40961.2
P2-2x-06K40 MCamLink614411012Dalsa IL-P4-61441.7
P2-2x-08K40 MCamLink81921109Dalsa IL-P4-81922.2
P2-4X-02K40 MCamLink204811068Dalsa
P2-4x-04K40 MCamLink409611036Dalsa IL-P4-40961.2
P2-4x-06K40 MCamLink614411024Dalsa IT-P4-61441.7
P2-4x-08K40 MCamLink819211018Dalsa IT-P4-81922.2
P2-80-12K40 MHSLink1228811223Dalsa 61.5mm
P3-8X-08K40 MCamLink819211233Dalsa 57mm
P3-8X-12K40 MCamLink1228811223Dalsa 61.5mm
P3-S0-16K40 MHSLink1638411270Dalsa 57mm
PC-30-02K60 CCamLink204831222Dalsa 29mm
PC-30-02K80 CCamLink204831233Dalsa 29mm
PC-30-04K60 CCamLink409631212Dalsa 41mm
PC-30-04K80 CCamLink409631218Dalsa 41mm

Spyder 3 Color Family

  • Dual sensor technology for ultra high sensitivity
  • High color fidelity thru dual line color
  • Hardware flat field correction
  • Automatic white balance
  • GigE and Camera Link output options
  • Hardware color conversion for low CPU usage
  • Precalibrated to various light sources
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
SC-34-02K80 CCamLink204821218Dalsa 14.3mm
SC-34-04K80 CCamLink40962129Dalsa 28.6mm
SG-34-02K80 CGigE204821218Dalsa 14.3mm
SG-34-04K80 CGigE40962129Dalsa 28.6mm

Spyder 3 B&W Family

  • Dual sensor technology for ultra high sensitivity
  • Single tap output for simple setup and operation
  • GigE and Camera Link output options
  • On-board flat field correction to compensate for lens distortion or uneven illumination
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
S3-14-01K40 MCamLink102421236Dalsa 14.3mm
S3-14-02K40 MCamLink204821218Dalsa 28.6mm
S3-24-01K40 MCamLink102421268Dalsa 14.3mm
S3-24-02K40 MCamLink204821236Dalsa 28.6mm
S3-24-04K40 MCamLink409621218Dalsa 41mm
SG-14-01K40 MGigE102421236Dalsa 14.3mm
SG-14-01K80 MGigE102421268Dalsa 14.3mm
SG-14-02K40 MGigE204821218Dalsa 28.6mm
SG-14-02K80 MGigE204821236Dalsa 28.6mm
SG-14-04K40 MGigE409621218Dalsa 41mm

Spyder 2 Family

  • Low cost line scan cameras
  • On-board flat field correction to compensate for lens distortion or uneven illumination
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
S2-1x-01K40 MCamLink102411036Dalsa IL-P3-10241/2
S2-1x-02K40 MCamLink204811018Dalsa IL-P3-20481.2
S2-1x-05H40 MCamLink51211065Dalsa IL-P3-05121/4

Genie TS

  • Ultra high frame rate GigE cameras
  • Hardware pixel by pixel gain and offset correction
  • Hardware lookup table
  • High dynamic range thru multi slope conversion
  • Programmable JPEG output
  • Hardware image filtering
  • Automatic brightness control for gain, exposure and from video or DC iris output
  • I/O Ports 4 opto-isolated input, 4 opto-isolated output||On-board 3 axis motorized lens control
  • On-board RS-485 Port||On-board RS-232 Port
  • On-board JPEG output (software selectable)
  • Horizontal and Vertical binning
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Genie TS-C2500 CGigE256020481024Dalsa 19.6mm
Genie TS-C3500 CGigE352022001015Dalsa 24.9mm
Genie TS-C4096 CGigE409630721010Dalsa 30.7mm
Genie TS-M1920 MGigE192010801070CMOSIS CMV20002/3
Genie TS-M2048 MGigE204820481038CMOSIS CMV40001
Genie TS-M2500 MGigE256020481024Dalsa 19.6mm
Genie TS-M2560 MGigE25602048851Anafocus Lince5M 16.75mm
Genie TS-M3500 MGigE352022001015Dalsa 24.9mm
Genie TS-M4096 MGigE409630721010Dalsa 30.7mm

Falcon2 Family

  • Very high speed, high quality CMOS sensors
  • Global shutter
  • Full Camera Link
  • On-board flat field correction
  • Low noise
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Falcon2 12M M/CCamLink409630721058Dalsa 30.7mm
Falcon2 4M M/CCamLink2432172810188Dalsa 17.5mm
Falcon2 8M M/CCamLink332825021090Dalsa 25.0mm

Falcon Family

  • High speed CMOS
  • Global Shuttering
  • 10us min exposure time
  • 1000x anti blooming
  • Vertical windowing
  • Large (7.4 um) pixels
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Falcon 1.4M100CamLink1400102410100Dalsa 1
PT-21-04M30 MCamLink235217281031Dalsa 1
PT-22-04M30 CCamLink235217281031Dalsa 1
PT-41-04M60 MCamLink235217281062Dalsa 1
PT-42-04M60 CCamLink235217281062Dalsa 1

Genie Camera Features

  • GigE Vision Compliant
  • 8 Compact cameras from VGA to megapixel
  • Sensors from 1/3" to 2/3"
  • True Partial Scan(high frame rates)
  • On-board shading correction
  • On-board hardware lookup table
  • Direct show software interface
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Genie 1024 M/CGigE10247681020Sony ICX2041/3
Genie 1280 M/CGigE12809601024Sony ICX4451/3
Genie 1400 M/CGigE139210401015Sony ICX2051/2
Genie 1410 M/CGigE136010241022Sony ICX2852/3
Genie 1600 M/CGigE160012001012Sony ICX2741/1.8
Genie 640 1/2 M/CGigE6594941060Sony ICX4141/2
Genie 640 1/3 M/CGigE6594941060Sony ICX4241/3
Genie HM1024 M/CGigE10247688117Dalsa 2/3
Genie HM1400 HG M/CGigE140010241064Dalsa 1
Genie HM1400 XDR M/CGigE140010241064Dalsa 1
Genie HM640 M/CGigE6404808300Dalsa 1/3

Pantera Full Frame Digital Camera

  • High Dynamic Range
  • Very Large Well Depth
  • 100% Fill Factor
  • True 12 bit output
  • Glassless sensor option
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
DS-1A-01M30 MCamLink102410241230Dalsa FTT1010M1
DS-21-01M60 MCamLink102410241260Dalsa FTT1010M1
Pantera TF 1M30 MCamLink102410241230Dalsa 1
Pantera TF 1M60 MCamLink102410241260Dalsa 1
PT-2x-06M08 MCamLink30722048147Dalsa FTF3020M1.7
PT-2x-11M04 MCamLink40082672144Dalsa FTF4027M1.7

*Model Abbreviations designate camera is available in B-Monochrome, M-Monochrome, C-Color, M/C-Monochrome or Color
**Interface - Firewire cameras = 1394 , Camera Link cameras = Cam Link, USB2.0 cameras = USB, Gigabit Ethernet (GigE, GigeVision) = GigE
***FPS - Frames Per Second