Video Tutorial – How to use industrial cameras for high speed imaging from machine vision to event capture


CMOS industrial cameras have changed how we perceive “High Speed” imaging.  If we look back 5+ years ago, “High Speed” imaging pertained to specialized cameras for event capture which were relatively expensive.

CMOS image sensors used in standard industrial cameras today have opened up the door due to the ability to achieve up to 2000 frames per second with excellent image quality at prices starting < $500!

These new application areas range from sports analytics, process monitoring to event capture.  

This video tutorial addresses several topics when using standard CMOS cameras in high speed applications.  

Topics covered as follows: 

  • Application areas using the latest CMOS cameras.
  • Evolution of sensor technology from CCD to CMOS
  • Considerations in components used in high speed applications
  • Sensor and camera features supporting high speed imaging.
  • Higher speed interfaces on the horizon

Watch the video below: 

These cameras are also used extensively for high speed recording.  
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