How to solve the dilemma of imaging small pixels in the newest image sensors? See the new FUJI HF-12M lenses!

The Sony Pregius image sensors are becoming the workhorse in industrial cameras providing various resolutions, coupled with high dynamic range and unsurpassed sensitivity.  However, the latest pixel architecture from Sony has moved to a 3.45um pixel pitch which results in more demand on the lens resolution.  It becomes even more challenging on high megapixel and small format image sensors such as the ON-SEMI MT9P031 or AR1820HS which have 2.2um and 1.25um respectively.

To be successful in imaging with these sensors, a lens design must provide the ability to resolve the small pixels ideally to the edge of the lens or image contrast will degrade.  In many cases, this is stated in terms of line pairs per mm (lp/mm) from center to edge (i.e 120/100).  Read more about lens specifications in our “Demystifying Lens performance specificaions” blog

How do we overcome this problem to ensure a high contrast image?   
FUJI 12 Megapixel HF-12M series lenses!

Although lens manufacturers tout a lens series in Megapixels, the key is understanding the lens performance data in terms of its resolution.  The FUJI HF12M series states “12 Megapixels”, but really is a lens designed to resolve 2.1um pixels on a 2/3″ sensor which accommodates 12 megapixels.  The bottom line is that any image sensor with small pixels down to 2.1um regardless of resolution benefit from this lens.. This lens will help resolve the pixel!  

The HF-12M series is great for cameras using image sensors from Sony’s Pregius IMX Series (ie  IMX250, IMX252, IMX264) which have 3.45 um pixels along with ON-Semiconductors MT9P031 or AR1820HS sensors.  

FUJI HF-12M Features  

Advanced Optical performance 

  • When the iris (aperture) is set at the orange F4 marker on  the lens barrel, the HF-12M series delivers the resolving power greater than 2.1um pixel pitch.
  • The HF-12M series is capable of maintaining ultra-high definition with a 2.7um pixel pitch within the whole frame area.  
  • The series brings out maximum performance of the popular Sony Pregius image sensors with a 3.45um pixel pitch.

Unique “4D” High Resolution performance
General machine vision lenses share the issue of resolution degradation when the working distance or aperture is changed.  The HF-12M features Fujinon lenses unique “4D High Resolution” performance.  It maintains a high level of consistent image sharpness at the center as well as the edges, while mitigating resolution degradation that typically occurs when changing a working distance or aperture value.  

Ease of installation and high reliability

  • Compact form factor across five models with 33mm diameter
  • Most lenses use iris and focus locking screws with protruding heads causing interference.  The HF-12M series come with regular as well as headless compact screws to minimize interference
  • Built with metal barrel for durability and robustness.

Industry-leading low distortion design of no more than 0.05%
Unique optical design minimizes troublesome distortion.  The series boasts an industry-leading low distortion rate of not more than 0.05%


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