Learn how “Pixel Clock Overdrive” by IDS created the fastest frame rates on the market using ON-SEMI Python Sensors!


IDS Imaging USB3.0 cameras with ON-SEMI Python image sensors just got faster by 30 %+ !

With the new release of the v4.80 of the IDS Cockpit software, several new features have been added including “Pixel Clock Overdrive”.  We have been touting the speeds which can be achieved with the new ON-SEMI Python sensors, but now IDS has bragging rights. 

With pixel clock overdrive, IDS’s CP USB3 cameras are the fastest on the market!

Using the new release (v4.8), a feature has been added allowing the pixel clock to be driven faster. This in turn results in higher frame rates surpassing key competitors on the market.  

1st Vision has compiled data showing the new higher frame rates in the chart to the left. 

Links to all IDS CP2 camera specifications with Python Image sensors can be found below: 

UI-3130CP – 800×600 
UI-3140CP – 1280×1024 
UI-3160CP – 1920 x 1200
UI-3180CP – 2592 x 2048

What’s the trick to achieve sustained, high speed frame rates?    
As camera sensors are getting faster, it becomes very important to ensure the right hardware is used.  Here are a few tips: 


  • Good Cables – Not all USB3 cables are created equal.  Poor cable quality can result in lost frame and an unstable system.  Ensure you have purchased USB3 cables that fully supports the USB3 vision standards.  
  • USB3 supported hardware – In high bandwidth applications, it becomes important to ensure your hardware supports the data transfer.  You must have a high performance PC to process the data.  A USB3.0 host controller with a Renesas chipset supporting multiple lines will be required to support the high data transfer.  Various approved USB3 adapters can be found HERE.
  • IDS Cockpit 4.8 or higher software supporting pixel clock overdrive and on-board camera memory for IDS cameras

Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to setup the IDS Cockpit software.  This short video will show you the right settings to achieve the the fastest frame rates.      

Did you know the new ON-SEMI sensors provide benefits of vertical and horzontal partial scanning!
Previous CMOS sensors only allowed an increase in frame rates by setting up a partial scan reducing the image height (y-axis).  Setting a Region Of Interest (ROI) or window in x and y-axis’s previously did NOT provide further gains until now!  The ON-SEMI Python sensors now allow speed increases from windowing in the x-axis in addition to the y-axis!

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