Fujinon introduces new HF-XA 5/3 Megapixel lens line


Fujinon’s new HF-XA lenses are optically 5MP in the center, 3 MP at the edges, but are priced at the same or less than competitors 2-3MP lenses.

Other 2-3MP lenses are rated only for their centers, in turn, as you get off axis the quality diminishes.  

Fuji’s lenses are 3MP at the edges and even higher at the center!

Features of the new Fujinon HF-XA Series include

  • Support up to 5 Megapixels in lens center, 3 Megapixel at edge. 
  • 2/3″ sensor format
  • Maintains edge to edge sharpness that fully resolves pixel pitches down to 4.4um
  • Compact and lightweight body with a diameter of 29.5mm.  Fits nicely with common 29mm cube cameras!
  • Designed for installation convenience – Three screw holes are provided on the iris and focus rings for affixing the lens in place.  When screwing down the lenses iris and focus rings in tight spaces, you can choose from those positions for greater installation convenience.  
Fujinon HF-XA main specifications as follows  –  Full data sheets can be found HERE

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