It’s a “No-Brainer” – Why not standardize on 1 camera for less than $500?

In working with many OEM customers of the years, historically several camera models were used to cover multiple system designs.  These were cases where there was an offering of lower and higher resolution systems, in turn needing VGA and 2MP cameras for example.

The introduction of the Sony Pregius sensors have changed the need for multiple cameras given excellent performance and pricing.  It has become a “no-brainer” to think about standardizing on one camera and emulate various resolutions for < $500

1st Vision has reviewed various resolutions achievable within given optical formats using the Sony Pregius IMX174 and IMX249 sensors.  

In cases where we wish to standardize with one camera, we can simply set a Region Of Interest (ROI) and emulate various resolutions (7 in this evaluation). 

We reviewed resolutions from VGA to 2.3MP and have put in perspective to the optical format required.  

The following are several configurations you can achieve: 

2.3MP is achieved using the full frame and 2MP by setting a 1600 x 1200 ROI.  This will require a 1″ optical format lens.  

In cases, where your application only requires 1.3MP (1280 x 1024) or 1.4MP (1400 x 1050), simply set a ROI accordingly and pair with your desired 2/3″ focal length lens.

Simply need 0.5MP (800 x 600) to VGA (640 x 480)? Set your ROI accordingly and you can use any 2/3″, 1/2″ or 1/3″ format lens.

Various resolutions against the required optical format are shown in graphical form to the right and summarized below for the Sony Pregius IMX174 and IMX249 sensors

Once you have your desired resolution, you can calculate your lens focal length using our online calculator.  Using 5.86um as a pixel size, enter the effective number of pixels into the calculator along with working distance (WD) and field of view (FOV).  This will calculate your focal length in which you can then select a lens

The Sony Pregius sensors are featured by several camera manufacturers and expanding rapidly.  With pricing @ < $500 for the IMX249… Its a “No Brainer” to think about standardization!  

Why the big hype on the Sony Pregius Sensors?  These new sensors are becoming the workhorse in imaging with incredible dynamic range, sensitivity and speed.  Learn more in our blog which provides technical details and comparison images.  

1st Vision has extensive knowledge in industrial imaging and can help answer any questions.  We have over 100 years of combined knowledge and look forward to discussing your application.  

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