This camera provides Versatility, Performance and a nice price. What is the JAI’s GO 5000 series?

JAI’s GO 5000 delivers an exceptional blend of high versatility, excellent performance, small size and best of all at a price of < $1K.  

The GO provides the perfect starting point for a wide range of machine vision applications.

The GO-5000 packs a high performance 5-megapixel CMOS imager (Anafocus Lince5M) into a compact form factor that fits in your fingertips. Using a combination of ROI and binning capabilities, this tiny camera can become almost anything you want – from a super-fast VGA camera (at nearly 450 fps) to a super sensitive camera using binning to create 10-micron, or even-20-micron effective pixel sizes.

High image quality
The GO-5000’s imager features a combination of analog and digital gain controls to reduce the amount of quantized noise in low-light images compared to conventional CMOS imagers offering digital gain functions alone. On the color models, an on-chip 4-channel analog gain function is utilized to allow individual adjustment of R, G, and B information for better white balancing with reduced noise.

Even at megapixel resolutions, the GO Series doesn’t resort to a rolling shutter or small pixels with low signal-to-noise ratios. 5-micron square pixels, global shutter, analog gain control, a built-in lookup table, and other advanced features help ensure image quality beyond entry-level expectations. 

Choose of image size and frame rate using Multiple ROI & binning options
Featuring multiple binning options and single or multiple ROI’s the GO-5000 can be easily configured to meet a wide range of customer requirements for resolution, speed, and optical formats.

For example, by creating a centered 1920 x 1080 ROI, users can configure the GO-5000 to provide high-speed 1080p HD video that fits completely within the optical format of a 2/3” C-mount lens. This is in contrast to CMOS cameras with 5.5 micron pixels which generate 1080p image sizes that are slightly larger than the standard 2/3” optical circle, thus requiring more expensive 1” image optics to ensure that vignetting will not occur.
Note: frame rates shown above are for GO-5000-USB and GO-5000-PGE, respectively.
Monochrome models feature a range of binning options including 2×2 and 4×4 binning to allow users to effectively create 10-micron, or even 20-micron, square pixels to maximize sensitivity and signal-to-noise characteristics for specific applications, as well as increasing the overall frame rates.

Choice of interfaces
Choose one of the advanced digital interfaces that best fits your needs. Options include powered interfaces (PoE) where a single-cable solution is desired, as well as both frame-grabber-based (PMCL) and “grabberless” configurations using GigE and USB3.0

Small size and weight
GO Series cameras measure 29 x 29 x 41.5 mm (excluding lens mount) and weigh less than 50 grams, enabling them to fit into small spaces or into vehicles or other applications where weight is critical.

The GO-5000 is one of the smallest 5-megapixel cameras available and weighs only 46 grams (lens not included)
Want additional information?  Full Datasheets for the GO 5000 can be found HERE.

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