Are you drowning in the amount of new image sensors & cameras now available? Download our cheat sheet to keep your head above water!


With a slew of new sensors coming on like a fire hose from Sony and ON-Semi, the announcement of cameras has been overwhelming to say the least. Even for us distributors whose jobs are to keep up with this!
So we at 1stVisionhave created a “cheat sheet” with the pertinent sensor data: model number, size, pixel pitch etc. etc.


And since no sensor is good without the proper lens, see our information on making sure you have the right lens (performance and price) for the sensor you need!


Below is a snapshot of the data 
Sony Pregius image sensors



ON-Semiconductor Python image sensors  

Note:  Values are typical and vary slightly per camera manufacturer

All industrial cameras with the new Sony Pregius and ON-Semiconductor Image sensors can be found below – Contact us for a quote on any camera with these sensors


Selecting the best image sensors and camera for an application can be a challenging job in itself.  Improper selection of the lens to match the sensor can make your cameras selection useless!  The format and lens resolution must match the sensor to achieve the best image contrast and not cause vignetting.  We have published several blogs to help in lens selection which you can find below…. or just contact us and we can help you!

Helpful blogs to help with lens selections: 

Calculating lens focal length

Demystifying lens specs (MTF)

Our cheat sheets provide the “ideal lens resolution” in terms of line pairs / millimeter (lp/mm).  To help identify a lens, you can search all lenses which have the resolution in the last column HERE.  This is stated in lp/mm in center and edge (i.e 120 / 100 ) 


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