Product Release – Allied Vision expands the Manta product line with G-895 (8.9 MP) and G-1236 (12 MP) CMOS cameras

Allied Vision has expanded the versatile Manta product line using the latest CMOS image sensors from Sony.  Using the new Sony Pregius IMX267 (8.9 MP) and IMX304 (12 MP) sensors, these cameras bring high resolution with great image quality.

Like all Sony Pregius sensors, they deliver unprecedented image quality for a CMOS sensor, equaling and even outperforming comparable CCD’s.  Best yet, Allied Visions price points for these cameras are significantly lower than older CCD image sensors of comparable resolution!  

Highlights on the new cameras as follows:

Allied Vision Manta G-895 with 8.9 Megapixel Sony CMOS sensor

The Manta G-895 uses the Sony Pregius sensors with a 12 bit ADC, has high Dynamic range with very low temporal dark noise.

This camera provides extremely high sensitivity providing overall excellent performance. 

With a smaller sensor than older 8MP cameras (KAI-08050), lower cost and better performance, this is a great choice for new and existing upgrades in this resolution.  

Allied Vision Manta G-1236 with 12.3 Megapixel Sony CMOS sensor

 Allied Vision is the first to market with the Sony Pregius IMX304 sensor!  

The Manta G-1236 incorporates the IMX304 CMOS Sony Pregius sensor with a 12 bit ADC, and has a Dynamic range of 71.9 dB with temporal dark noise of only 1.98 e-.  

As with the 8.9MP sensor, this camera also provides excellent low light sensitivity with excellent performance.

The IMX304 has a 1.1″ image format with a 3.45 pixel pitch which requires an adequate lens.  We recommend Tamron’s 1.1″ format lenses for this sensor.  Read more here

Common Features in the Manta product line:

  • Auto-gain (manual gain control:  0 to 40 dB)
  • Auto exposure
  • Auto white balance settings (color cameras only ) 
  • Decimation
  • Gamma correction    
  • Trigger over Ethernet (ToE) 
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Modular concept allowing for angled heads, optical filters, lens mounts and board level options on some models.  
  • Many other features including Auto-Iris (Video), IEEE1588 prcision timing protocol included.    

Contact us for a quote on the new cameras!

See the full specifications for the Allied Vison Manta series

Manta G-1236  4112 x 3088, 9.7 fps, Sony IMX304
Manta G-895  4112 x 2176, 13.4 fps, Sony IMX267
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Please note:  For the larger sensors, its imperative to match up the proper lens to the sensor.  1st Vision carries many 1″ and 1.1″ format lenses.  (click on sort to see all 1″ and 1.1″ lenses together)


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