ISVI provides High Speed + High Resolution 25MP @ 72 fps.. That’s fast!

1st Vision is pleased to announce we are now a distributor for ISVI Corp.

ISVI is one of the leaders in designing and manufacturing advanced high speed, high resolution camera technology combining the highest bandwidth interfaces. 

This combination coupled with the latest image sensors provides an unparalleled combination of image quality and high speed.  

Key Features include: 

  • CoaXpress and Camera Link interfaces 
  • High resolution up to 25 Megapixels
  • High Image Quality (Class 1 Sensors used in IC-X29 model cameras providing less pixel defects!)
  • Precise Tap Balance
  • Flat Field Correction  / Defect pixel correction
  • DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors on select models allow the use of commercially available molded-cover CXP cables. 
  • Various lens mount options (F-Mount, M72, M58, M42, LM Lens Mount )

Featured Products at a glance: 

Model  Resolution Frame
Rate (fps)
Interface Sensor
IC-X12S-CXP 12 MP 181 CoaXpress CMOSIS CMV12000
IC-X25/X25S-CL 25 MP 30 Camera Link OnSemi Vita
IC-X25/X25S-CXP 25 MP 53/72  CoaXpress OnSemi Vita
IC-X29/X29S-CL 29 MP 5 fps Camera Link OnSemi KAI-29050

For full ISVI datasheets , click HERE!  

Silicon Software Frame grabbers are recommended for ISVI CoaxPress cameras and support up to CXP 6.  Additionally Silicon Software provides SmartApplets for loading application-related image processing sequences onto their “V” series frame grabbers.  The processing takes place in real-time and relieves the host for other software related processes.  

For full Silicon Software Datasheets click HERE    

Contact us to discuss your application and help make a recommendation!  1st Vision can provide a complete solution including lenses, cables and lighting.  
Ph:  978-474-0044

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