Popular Sony Pregius Image sensors expand camera lines with 3.1MP and 5MP resolutions – Download the comparison chart!

Sony’s popular Pregius (IMX) image sensors have expanded the camera offering with 3.1MP and 5MP resolutions.

This sensor has continued to impress us with high dynamic range, low noise and excellent sensitivity.   (Learn more on this image sensor here ) 

As debuted in the 2.3MP, IMX174 and IMX249 sensors, the image sensors are released with slow and fast versions of a given resolution.  This directly translates to lower and higher cost cameras within a given resolution.  In cases where you do not need speed, you can benefit from the great performance without paying a premium for speed.  Speed is there if desired, but at a small premium.     

This has provides camera manufacturers a nice price vs performance offering covering various resolutions… and the offering will continue to expand.   


Having a hard time keeping up with all the new sensor models?  So are we!

1stVision has created a document to help review the Sony Pregius sensors at a glance.

Resolution, sensor format, frame rate are included along with data for comparison.  


 We will continue to update this document as new camera lines are added!  Stay tuned.

Want to learn more?  Additional resources can be found below.  Our sales engineers are extremely knowledgeable on these sensors, associated cameras and accessories.  

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Learn more about the Sony Pregius Image sensors
Battle of the Image Sensors – Sony IMX174 Vs CMOSIS CMV2000

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