Ultra-Uniform lighting provides enhanced contrast for machine vision

The old saying of a chain is only as strong as its weakest link stands true in machine vision applications. A machine vision hardware solution typically consists of a camera, lens, and light to obtain an image for processing. If anyone of these components are improperly selected, its the weakest. Lighting is a key component to produce features and contrast for image processing. Uniformity, brightness, wavelength and specific geometries used in conjunction with each other are key elements to a good lighting component. In this blog, we introduce Phlox machine vision lighting, which is unsurpassed in uniformity and has many key advantages.

Phlox lighting provided much more than just lighting, regardless of the application. Below are 5 main attributes making Phlox unique

1 – Better uniformity: A precise mathematical model and the micro prisms (< 30 µ) enable us to reach up to +/- 5 % uniformity for the backlight surface.

2 – Higher luminance: Up to 80% of the light injected is emitted onto the target surface, up to twice as much as light pipes using diffusion.

3 – More compact design: Phlox technology is well suited to the manufacture of very thin pipes (1 mm). This feature enables Phlox to create very low profile (very thin) products in response to the need to reduce bulk for various applications.

4 – Long life cycle: The combination of Phlox technology and the quality of the designs ensures constant control of temperature and provides an exceptional life cycle.

5 – Faster response: Fast delivery of a standard products and five (5) weeks on average to design and delivery of a prototype or custom-made product.

How do Phlox back lights compare to the competition?

The following are application examples showing the increased contrast generated by Phlox back lights:

Less stray light & better contrasts
Phlox image comparison
Gear profile is prominent
Phlox backlights emit more direct light

In conjunction with the unparalleled uniformity, Phlox lighting can be configured with a variety of wavelengths optimizing contrast as seen in the examples below.

color to create contrast
color to enhance contrast
solve any application with the right wavelength

Phlox uses exclusive technology, providing many key advantages along with a 2-year warranty

Phlox technology
Watch this short video detailing the engraving process

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Advanced Illumination Eurobright Product line prices now reduced 20-50% – Learn more about these IP67 lights with built in controllers!

Advanced Illumination has reduced pricing on their EuroBright lighting product line. This IP67 lighting line provides the highest levels of strobed or continuous operation using “FlexTech” technology and does not require additional controllers.

FlexTech™ is Advanced Illumination’s exclusive technology collection which they have spent years perfecting. This consists of self-sustaining technologies for your system protection and your peace of mind.
The EuroBright Series consists of 6 styles of illuminator’s providing various lighting geometries from area illumination to back lighting. Each light style can be ordered in various wavelengths and has self contained electronics allowing continuous or strobe operation.

EuroBright Illuminators are feature rich with the following key features:

  • Low cost, feature-rich design
  • Robust IP67 enclosures
  • On-board smart driver – seamlessly provides strobe or continuous operation
  • Adaptive Overdrive – Optimized power under all strobe conditions
  • Adaptive Power – Optimal heat damage protection
  • Daisy-chain options in select models
  • Red, White and Blue wavelengths available.

What are the benefits of FlexTech technology?

In essence, FlexTech technology maximizes intensity even in varied temperature conditions ensuring the illuminator is providing maximum performance and protected.

You do not have to worry about over driving the light source.. FlexTech does this for you!

What benefits does FlexTechnology bring to EuroBright Illuminators?

Adaptive Overdrive

Adaptive Overdrive™ shapes the output pulse of the illuminator to maximize the intensity seen in the image. This technology allows for a very flexible on-board driver where the output is always performing at its peak with any camera exposures.

Adaptive Power

Adaptive Power allows for the user to “train” the light to operate in varied external temperatures. This was designed primarily for the EuroBriteSeries of lights. Training allows the controller to identify the correct operational current such that the light does not overheat. Adaptive Power guarantees maximum brightness and lifetime regardless of the installation.
Smart Power Allocation
Smart Power Allocation performs load-balancing to be sure each individual channel on a controller is always being utilized to its fullest. Rather than relying on a fixed “current” for a light, factors such as voltage and string combination are considered in determining the correct operating range. Standard products have up to a 30% higher output with this feature enabled.
Packed with features, EuroBright illuminators are one of the most advanced lights on the market for a great price!


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