What can the new low cost AVT GoldEye Short Wave Infrared ( SWIR ) camera do for you?

Allied Vision Goldeye cameras with InGaAs sensor technology enables you to see further into the infrared spectral range than classic CCD / CMOS cameras.  Due to the cameras high sensitivity in the Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) range of 900-1700 nm, new applications become possible.

What applications can be solved with SWIR?

SWIR cameras help provide contrast and emphasize features in various applications due to the nature of the wavelengths.  Applications ranging from agricultural (food), textile, semiconductor and surveillance, allows the ability to see through materials that are opaque to the eye with SWIR.

Several models are available to help solve these applications.   

Goldeye cameras are now available with Camera link interfaces in addition to GigE and are low cost!    Contact us for a quote!

The following are a few examples of Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR ) applications:

Solar Cell Inspection

Light emitted by silicon in solar cells peak at 1150nm and are impossible to detect using normal CCD/CMOS cameras.  

Using SWIR cameras, luminescent imaging helps identify non uniformities at 1150nm  

Semiconductor Inspection 

At wavelengths above 1100 nm silicon becomes transparent.

In turn, SWIR cameras are perfect for analyzing metallization and electrical contact errors on the backside of wafers.  

Courtesy of NASA

Surveillance Applications

SWIR cameras minimize fog and smoke in surveillance applications allowing scenes not present in the visible realm to be seen.  

Other applications include:  Airborne Remote sensing (UAV’s), Food inspection, Moisture Detection, Glass production, Recycling, Scientific & Medical Hyper-spectral imaging, Vision Enhancement and more..    


Goldeye Short Wave InfraRed cameras now available with Camera LInk and GigE

Allied Vision has now released the new low cost Goldeye G-008 camera in Camera Link creating a comprehensive family of SWIR cameras. 

Models now available include the following: 

Camera Highlights

  • High frame rates at multiple resolutions

  • Camera link or GigE Vision Interface
  • Comprehensive I/O Control options
  • Automated on board image correction
  • Stabilized sensor cooling, no fan
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • ROI Setting for frame rate and data rate control
  • High analog gain mode to increase sensitivity

Data sheets and additional information for all SWIR camera’s can be found HERE. 

UPDATE:  Allied Vision has provide a video detailing SWIR Technology.  
Watch the video below

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