Teledyne Dalsa and IDS Imaging Frame Grabbers in stock

We’re ready to help you find the frame grabber from Teledyne DALSA or IDS Imaging
that’s just right for your application.

Frame grabbers are the most convenient and reliable way to connect a camera to a PC, especially in high resolution applications that require high speed data transfer and reliable triggering functionality. 1stVision is your stocking US distributor for cost-effective, high-performance frame grabbers from Teledyne DALSA, IDS Imaging, Intel, Neousys, and IOI Tech. Whether your application calls for cost-effective USB3, GigE PoE, analog video (CCIR, PAL, NTSC, EIA/RS170, SECAM), Camera Link, or CoaXPress frame grabbers acquiring at up to 4 GPixels/sec, 1stVision has a solution ready to ship. We also offer the widest range of high quality, high reliability image video data acquisition software development kits (SDKs) that you need for a wide range of scientific, industrial, and general-purpose imaging applications.

Which frame grabber is right for you?

Frame grabbers assist in your ability to optimize speed, trigger-to-data reliability, data security and synchronization, especially when processing images from multiple cameras. (Essentially, the frame grabber enables the high-speed image acquisition of high resolution images via synchronization in real-time.) It is important to know the functionality and purpose of a frame grabber to better understand if the device is right for your specific imaging system and application.

Contact our support team if you have any questions about the frame grabber that is right for you.

IDS ImagingAnalog Frame Grabber
IDS Imaging Analog Frame Grabbers

  • Supports CCIR, PAL, NTSC, EIA/RS170, SECAM
  • RGB 24- and 32-bit true color support
  • Non destructive overlay with Direct3D
  • PCIe x 1 to PCIe x 4
  • 4 channel, simultaneous video digitizer option
  • Windows and Linux OS support
TeledyneDalsa Digital Frame Grabber
Teledyne DALSA Digital Frame Grabbers

  • Supports Camera Link/HS, LVDS, and CoaXPress
  • Up to 3.2GB/s image data transfers to host memory
  • ILUTS, Flat Field, Flat Line, Dead Pixel, Bayer, PoCL
  • PCIX 32 to PCIe x 8
  • Multi-board sync extensibility
  • Windows and Linux OS support