Moritex ML-FF Series Large Format Line Scan Lenses

With the increasing number of line scan and large format imaging applications, Moritex offers a wide range of lens solutions designed for large format high resolution line and area scan cameras used for glass, Web, flat panel display inspection and other applications which call for a high performance and low distortion. The Moritex FA/Line Scan series provides optical performance that challenging large format applications demand, supporting line image sensors from 2k to 16k, with models compatible with up to 90mm sensor width and pixel pitch of down to 4.5µm.

  • Compact Design
  • Vis/NIR AR Coating
  • 130-150lp/mm resolving power for 4.5µm pixel pitch
  • Support for 35mm format, and up to 82mm image circle
  • Designed for M35 to M95 camera adapters (via ML-TUBE)
  • ML-TUBE allows for flexible magnification adjustment

Lens Family:

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Mfg PN
Lens Format Size
Focal Length
Lens Quality
F Stop
M.O.D. (m)
Len Mount
Dim LxW
Filter Size
get a quote for this product ML-2828-35M39 35mm 28.0 3MP 2.8 .2 M39 54x69.5 M52 x 0.75
get a quote for this product ML-3528-43M39 43mm 35.0 3MP 2.8 .064 M39 45x73.8 M43 x 0.75
get a quote for this product ML-5540-62M35 62.5mm 55.0 3MP 4.0 .22 M39 43x38.4 M39 x 0.5
get a quote for this product ML-6540-62M39 62.5mm 65.0 3MP 4.0 .3 M39 45x39 M39 x 0.5
get a quote for this product ML-8040-62M39 62.5mm 80.0 3MP 4.0 1 M39 45x52.3 M40.5 x 0.5
get a quote for this product ML-10040-82M39 82mm 100.0 3MP 4.0 .3 M39 55x60 M40.5 x 0.5