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Navitar High Mag Lenses - Zoom 6000/12X Zoom

Navitar High Mag Lens - Zoom 6000/12X Zoom - high magnification zoom lenses

Navitar high magnification zoom lenses feature the magnification powers of traditional microscopes without the bulk or expense. Equipment manufacturers looking for highly repeatable and automated precision optics can easily integrate, assemble, and configure these lenses into new instruments achieving smaller footprints and lower prices than older equipment. Motorization is available, providing maximum resolution and magnification.

Zoom 6000 System Diagram 12X Zoom System Diagram

Navitar High Mag Lenses - Zoom 6000/12X Zoom Features

  • C-mount or F-mount with support for 1/2 through 1.1" formats
  • Dynamic magnification range of 0.09-394x
  • 0.01-183 mm field coverage
  • Working distance starting at 13mm
  • Infinity corrected objective lenses