Automation Technology 3D Sensors & Infrared Thermal Cameras

Automation Technology 3D imaging and thermal imaging sensors include the latest technology 3D laser profilers and infrared camera systems. The Automation Technology vision sensor product line includes the C6 Series Compact 3D Sensors, MCS Series Modular Compact 3D Sensors, and the IRSX-I Series Infrared Smart Cameras.

3D Laser Profiler Sensors

Automation Technology 3D laser profiler sensors feature high-speed and high-precision resolution to produce laser triangulation measurements with absolute accuracy and precision. The 3D laser profilers are factory calibrated and support the latest 3D GigE Vision / GenICam 3D with 1 Gbit/s industry standards.

IRSX-I IR Infrared Smart Camera

The IRSX-I IR Infrared Smart Camera is an all-in-one solution. The camera can be easily set up for thermal monitoring tasks without programming skills with the web based interface. IRSX-I infrared smart cameras support multiple industrial protocols including HTTPS, Modbus TCP, Profinet, OPC-UA, and MQTT to facilitate direct communication with your automation and process control equipment. With the Camera Simulator software that's included, you can simulate your live environment, create new jobs or make changes, and test them before you transfer the job to your live environment. The IRSX-I camera supports the GigE Vision / GenICam standard.

Automation Technology C6 Series 3D sensors C6 Series Compact 3D Sensors
  • Factory calibrated 3D sensors
  • Advanced 3D technology (HDR-3D)
  • Extremely high-speed and high-precision resolution
  • Profile speeds up to 200 kHz with a 3D data rate up to 128 million 3D points per second
Automation Technology MCS compact modular 3D sensors MCS Series Modular Compact 3D Sensors
  • Modular compact 3D sensors configured for your specific application
  • Factory calibrated 3D sensors
  • Optional dual-head sensor for higher measurement quality and occlusion-free 3D scans
  • Measurement speed up to 26 kHz at 4096 points/profile

Automation Technology IRSX Series infrared thermal smart cameras IRSX-I Series IR Smart Infrared Cameras
  • All-in-one solution for thermal machine vision
  • User-friendly web interface for configuration and visualization
  • Thermal measurement range -10°C to +550°C
  • Easy setup and integration with no need for programming skills


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