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Schneider Optics EMERALD F-mount Lenses
EMERALD 2.8/100mm F-SD mount Lens / 21-1064881

The Schneider Optics 21-1064881 EMERALD lens is a 100mm 5 megapixel F-SD mount lens with a M43 x 0.75 filter size, -0.1% distortion.

EMERALD lenses are ultra-low distortion lenses with an image circle diameter of 43.2 mm, featuring a compact, robust design, locking focus and iris. They are designed for close up range or infinity and optimized for a uniform image quality over the whole sensor area. The 400-1000 nm broadband coating makes them suitable for applications in the visible and the near infrared spectrum. EMERALD lenses are available in F-S and F-L variants. The F-SD version is suitable for "close up" finite working distances typical of machine vision applications. The F-LD version is optimized for long working distances out to Infinity.

Schneider Optics 21-1064881 lens

Manufacturer: Schneider Optics
Manufacturer PN: 21-1064881
Focal Length: 100mm
Quality: 5MP
Sensor Size: 43.3mm
Lens Mount: F
F Stop: 2.8
M.O.D. (m): .64
Dimensions (LxW mm): 56x98.2
Weight (grams): 463
Iris type: smooth
Filter size: M43x0.75
Distortion: -0.1%
Resolution: call