Moritex ML-MC-XR Series 1.1" Format Lenses

Moritex ML-MC-XR Series 20 megapixel 1.1" format FA/Macro lenses with high resolving power 200lp/mm (20MP) for 2.2µm pixel size are optimized for short distance imaging, and are ideal for machine vision applications that require a close working distance (200-400mm) for precise inspection or alignments of parts. They are designed to work with today's large format cameras and high density, high resolution enhanced sensors, such as Sony Pregius S 4th generation sensors.

Moritex FA Series lenses feature a superior vibration resistance mechanical design, wide-range AR coatings covering VIS to NIR (wavelengths : 400 ~ 1100nm) in a compact size. They are suitable for a wide range of machine vision applications including mechanical parts, and PCB inspection, and factory automation.

  • 2.2 µm pixel size
  • 1.1" format size compatible
  • Vis/NIR AR Coating
  • Optimized for close WD (200-400mm)
  • Less than 0.1% distortion
  • Vibration resistance mechanical design
  • Compact design

Lens Family:

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Mfg PN
Lens Format Size
Focal Length
Lens Quality
F Stop
M.O.D. (m)
Len Mount
Dim LxW
Filter Size
get a quote for this product ML-MC2518XR-18C 1.1" 25.0 20MP 1.8 .306 C 61.2x38 M35.5x0.5
get a quote for this product ML-MC3518XR-18C 1.1" 35.0 20MP 1.8 .251 C 53.51x35 M30.5x0.5
get a quote for this product ML-MC5020XR-18C 1.1" 50.0 20MP 2.0 .279 C 83.8x40 M35.5x0.5
get a quote for this product ML-MC9028XR-18C 1.1" 90.0 20MP 2.8 .330 C 109.8x40 M34x0.5